Friday, 17 April 2015

Star Wars Imperial Assault campaign finale

Some lacklustre photos, and a spoileriffic conclusion to our Imperial Assault campaign. The photos aren't as action-packed as the game was.

The Rebels fought their way into the Imperial bunker, but were unable to take down Darth Vader. Gaarkhan the Wookie died in the assault, and the remaining traitors were sentenced to death at a show trial. Yay!

Some concluding random thoughts:
  • This is definitely Descent v2.5, not 3.0
  • Good, enjoyable, but not perfect.
  • I'm really looking forwards to more expansions, and will post here as I paint them
  • Also looking forwards to trying new characters
  • I'm so lazy, I hope someone comes up with a record-keeping app for this
  • Board artwork is great, really captures the look of Star Wars
  • I hope the skirmish scene takes off locally
  • Unpainted figures? Not even once.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

A Star Wars gaming weekend

It has been a bit quiet on WwB lately, but I'm making up for it with a big gaming binge weekend that corresponds with International Tabletop Day 2015. I played FFG's new Star Wars offerings, Armada and Imperial Assault.

Star Wars: Armada

I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. I commanded a Victory class Star Destroyer against the Rebels' Nebulon B Cruiser and CR90 Corvette, with multiple squadrons of TIEs and X-Wings respectively. I stripped the corvette's shields before killing it with TIEs, and had the cruiser down to its last hull point when the game ended.
Rebels scatter as the Imperials bear down towards them

I found the game fairly straightforwards, with nice pre-painted ships (the fighters aren't painted). I didn't have to refer to any books or sheets as all the information on shields and firepower is there on the ships' bases. Ranges are shorter than I had anticipated, but it does allow for a little bit of manoeuvre.

My favourite part of the game was using the fighter squadrons. There's a whole mini-game in manoeuvering and attacking and escorting and screening your tiny craft, and this will get even richer with expansions for A-, B- and Y-Wings, TIE bombers and Interceptors.
TIE and X-Wing squadrons clash

My gripe remains the aesthetically offending bases and flight stands of the ships and squadrons. They are brighter than the ships, and from a medium distance you can only see the bases and not the ships. I want my spaceships to be suspended against the inky black void, not hidden in perspex glare (see my black X-Wing flight stands). Hurrumph.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault

We got a little carried away, and pulled out a whole campaign over the weekend... I took pics of most, but not all, our games. Minor spoilers ahead, if you're into your campaign.
Rebels attack an Imperial transmitter station

Rebels aid Han Solo down an alleyway (proxy figure from Wizkids)

Rebels suffer an ambush

Rebels break into an Imperial prison
Imperial ambush

Rebels in trouble

Escaping detention via the garbage chute

Gaarkhan smashes the data centre

Gaarkhan goes down in a blaze of glory

We've got the finale mission yet to play- will the Rebels defeat General Weiss and his devious plans? I'm aiming to crack it out next weekend, I'll let you know how we go.

I'm looking forwards to the rest of this year's releases for Imperial Assault- Tusken Raiders, new Stormtroopers and heroes, C-3PO and R2-D2, and of course Boba Fett.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Imperial Assault- Rebels

Here are the six rebel heroes for Imperial Assault. They each have a distinctive flavour, and were quite fun to paint.
Imperial Assault heroes

Jyn Odan is the agile smuggler. She's wearing this season's trendy orange jacket with matching gloves and bold white armour plates that scream, "I always shoot first!". I used blue to highlight her hair. I liked the stripes on her jodhpurs. I think she wound up a little more Indian than Japanese, but is clearly not Caucasian.
Jyn Odan

Jyn Odan, by Skyserpent

Gaarkhan is the Wookie, who expresses himself (herself? who knows) with a big axe. I like how the face turned out, but think the fur could be a lighter red-brown.

Mak Eshka'rey is a Bothan sniper. I liked painting his face. I painted the eyepiece yellow and then gave it a green wash. I also dig the Nokia on his belt.
Mak Eshka'rey

Gideon Argus is a human rebel commander and is fairly unremarkable. The red and white checkered logo was a pain to paint. I liked how the beard turned out. I think this guy would make a good browncoat character for Firefly gaming.
Gideon Argus

Fenn Signis is a human rebel machine-gunner. Apart from his helmet he's got a very conventional modern appearance. I grew to like the aqua scarf, it adds a splash of colour and character. His face turned out a little like a Ken doll (something about the eyes?) so I gave him some stubble to try and make him a bit more butch.
Fenn Signis

I really like the Diala Passil pose. She's a Twi'lek and has presumably been in hiding since the Jedi were hunted down. I like her ragged, muddy cloak- it reminds me of Gandalf the Grey. I was really pleased with how her lightsaber turned out- the darker background of the cloak sets it off. The violet skin was a little different, too.
Diala Passil

Finally, Luke Skywalker. Army Painter Soft Tone wash over white shirt and cream breeches. I'm pretty happy with the hair and face, I think it looks like him.
Luke Skywalker

Friday, 6 March 2015

Star Wars Imperial Assault- Mercenaries

The Imperial Assault Mercenary faction are the scum and villainy, the criminals and bounty hunters and alien creatures.

The Mercenaries in the Imperial Assault core game are the Trandoshan bounty hunters and the nexu. Nexus. Nexuses. Nexi? Anyway, they might be from the prequels but I'll let that slide because Natalie Portman in a catsuit. These were Army Painter Soft Tone wash over cream, with black wash stripes.

I can't bring myself to love Trandoshans, they look like cheap Dr Who or Trek baddies in rubber suits. They were a snap to paint, however, with an AP Strong Tone wash over a simple basecoat. I would like to paint a Bossk figure, though.
Trandoshan Hunters

Friday, 27 February 2015

Star Wars Imperial Assault- Imperial forces

Here's the baddest dude of them all, Darth Vader. I used some slightly too subtle blues and greys to highlight his cloak and armour, and gloss varnished the eyepieces. I worked on his lightsaber and the glow effect using what I had learnt from his 15mm version. I'm quite happy with the outcome.
Darth Vader

Showing a bit more of the lightsaber glow effect

"I shall call him... Mega-Me!"

"There can be only one!"
The Stormtroopers were a real slog, but worth it for these iconic minions. I was influenced by Sorastro's Stormtrooper painting guide video. I used a black wash over a white undercoat, then went back and picked out all the white bits again. I got this stage down to about 30-40 minutes per figure.

The E-Web Engineers (dreadful name) were painted the same as the Stormtroopers.
E-Web Engineers

The probe droids are cool. It is hard to tell if the 'real thing' are black, metal, dark grey or dark olive. I went for a dark olive, and used gloss varnish on the lenses.
Probe Droids

I like the officers' leather gloves and jackboots, and the rank badges are nice as well. I don't know Imperial badges of rank; any pointers here gratefully received!
Imperial Officers

The Royal Guard look awesome and implacable, but somehow seem a little improbable given that they're the Emperor's personal guard and I don't think they should be turning up all over the place. I used Army Painter Soft Tone wash over the AP Pure Red spray undercoat, then highlighted the cloak with Pure Red and the very edges of the helmet with a tanned skin colour. Gloss varnish to the visor.
Royal Guard

I don't like painting vehicles, but the AT-ST was easier than I had anticipated. Over a grey basecoat I washed it black then drybrushed it with lighter grey. I used a sponge for a chipping effect. I gave a dusty wash to the feet which came out OK. The head pivots and the chin guns can be elevated and depressed.

Next time: the Mercenary faction.