Friday, 27 February 2015

Star Wars Imperial Assault- Imperial forces

Here's the baddest dude of them all, Darth Vader. I used some slightly too subtle blues and greys to highlight his cloak and armour, and gloss varnished the eyepieces. I worked on his lightsaber and the glow effect using what I had learnt from his 15mm version. I'm quite happy with the outcome.
Darth Vader

Showing a bit more of the lightsaber glow effect

"I shall call him... Mega-Me!"

"There can be only one!"
The Stormtroopers were a real slog, but worth it for these iconic minions. I was influenced by Sorastro's Stormtrooper painting guide video. I used a black wash over a white undercoat, then went back and picked out all the white bits again. I got this stage down to about 30-40 minutes per figure.

The E-Web Engineers (dreadful name) were painted the same as the Stormtroopers.
E-Web Engineers

The probe droids are cool. It is hard to tell if the 'real thing' are black, metal, dark grey or dark olive. I went for a dark olive, and used gloss varnish on the lenses.
Probe Droids

I like the officers' leather gloves and jackboots, and the rank badges are nice as well. I don't know Imperial badges of rank; any pointers here gratefully received!
Imperial Officers

The Royal Guard look awesome and implacable, but somehow seem a little improbable given that they're the Emperor's personal guard and I don't think they should be turning up all over the place. I used Army Painter Soft Tone wash over the AP Pure Red spray undercoat, then highlighted the cloak with Pure Red and the very edges of the helmet with a tanned skin colour. Gloss varnish to the visor.
Royal Guard

I don't like painting vehicles, but the AT-ST was easier than I had anticipated. Over a grey basecoat I washed it black then drybrushed it with lighter grey. I used a sponge for a chipping effect. I gave a dusty wash to the feet which came out OK. The head pivots and the chin guns can be elevated and depressed.

Next time: the Mercenary faction.

Friday, 13 February 2015

'The Great War' crowdfunder; Peter Jackson's 54mm Perry WW1 project

I was very pleasantly surprised earlier this week to hear of The Great War crowdfunder, which has already reached its funding goal. This is a joint effort between Richard Borg (Commands and Colors series designer) and Will Townshend (Plastic Soldier Company). This is, in essence, a WW1 C&C game with plastic 15mm miniatures. That alone was good enough to get me on board.

(Prototype only- board will be laminated and not have a white border.)
Here's some of what I have gleaned about official plans and the future for the game:
  • Double sided laminated board, with grass on one side and mud/ shellscape on the other.
  • Future expansions to include sandy board for Palestine/ Gallipoli
  • Future 'factions': US, Turks, ANZAC, French, Russian, Italian, Austro-Hungarian
  • Early War at some point
  • Airplanes
  • Artillery
  • AFV expansions featuring tanks and armoured cars
  • 'Epic' double-board games

I'm behind this game. I'm a fan of the C&C games (see here for proof) and I have a few PSC products which have been great. 15mm is my favourite scale. The Kickstarter closes 09 Mar 2015- click here to have a look!

Whilst I'm doing a post about other people's stuff and WW1, I must mention 'Mustering the Troops'. Here's the breakdown:
  • 4000 54mm NZ and Turkish troops in an epic WW1 diorama
  • Supported by Peter Jackson
  • Sculpted by the Perry twins
  • All figures painted by Kiwi gamers
  • To be released on an unsuspecting public for Anzac Day, the 100th anniversary of the Anzac landings 25 April 2015
Painted by David Houston of Canterbury, NZ

I am completely on the wrong side of the ditch here, and wish my Kiwi colleagues the best of luck with their choice project, bro!

Friday, 30 January 2015

Blood Bowl Monkey

This was one of those rare paintjobs that turned out exactly as I had pictured in my mind's eye. I think it would be a cool Chaos Pact goblin, and pairs nicely with my flying monkeys.

I sculpted the banana out of green stuff, look out Perrys!

This says 'Monkey Bowl III' on the base, and was listed at Impact! Miniatures as Football Chimp. I don't know what or where the Monkey Bowl is/ was, and would be interested to know. I picked it up as a prize somewhere along the way.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Blood Bowl- Chaos Star Player

Last year I painted the 'Chaos Leader Star Player' from Willy Miniatures. He's seriously big, being on a 40mm base.

I didn't enjoy painting him as much as Tentacle Man, but now he's done. There was some poor casting around the helmet and left arm, unfortunately, which I filed down a fair bit. I greenstuffed a gem to his belt icon. I wasn't sure how to do the spikez on his right shoulder and knee- bone or brass? I went for bone. I also meant to add a skull to his base, but forgot. I may come back and do that later.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Where there is discord- Falklands war report

I acquired a copy of the boardgame Where there is discord. This is a solitaire boardgame about the Falklands war, focusing on the political, naval, and aerial campaigns. There is a degree of abstraction throughout, but palpable tension as air raids target your thinly spread escort ships. The key player aims involve maintaining domestic government confidence and public support, keeping international opinion high and sanctions in place, and adequately defending the Task Force from air strikes, Exocet missiles, submarines, and the threat of Argentinian warship forays. All in a timely fashion, with limited assets in the harsh South Atlantic.

I didn't take any pictures of the game itself (it is a bit abstract) but did keep a log of events and enjoyed making the following report. Click to embiggen.

What a fantastic and ultimately sobering game. Where there is discord tells a compelling and realistic ‘what-if’ story, where the player makes high level political and military decisions (always trying to choose the lesser of two evils), then watches the ramifications play out via dice rolls. The tension as aircraft approach closer and closer to your ships, while radars fail to lock on- oh my! I think I played a fair first game, balancing military and political needs while getting to the islands in fair time. Retaking South Georgia was the highlight. Losing Antelope, Plymouth, and the Sir Tristram full of Welsh Guards to land-based Exocets was a brutal yet plausible way to lose. I was grossly under-supported by the RAF Tridents, and realise I didn't make optimal use of my Harriers. If I could do anything differently, I would not have been so aggressive with my submarines early on, as they swayed international opinion against me fairly early and subsequently made life that much harder (note, however, that they forced the Argentinian navy to stay in port for most of the game). Highly recommended if you have an interest in the campaign.

Here's a picture from BoardGameGeek of the 104 x 72cm board.

All pics via Google Images. I was pleasantly surprised how much art there is covering this conflict. I used Comic Life 3 to make to make the report.

Friday, 12 December 2014


My club, the Newcastle Legion, is having a resurgence of interest in Necromunda. I tried to find my old figures, but all I could locate was my Scum and Bounty Hunter. I think they've held up OK after almost 20 years.

I did find some old pictures of my Delaque and Ratskin gangs- bound to stir up a bit of nostalgia amongst those of a certain age. I know I sold the Delaque, but I thought I had the Ratskins somewhere, as well as the plastic Goliaths and Orlocks. No luck so far in finding them, but if I do then I'll post some decent pictures.

Almost every figure has been converted

They don't make 'em like this anymore.