Friday, 24 May 2019

Batman Began

So, last year I threw cash at the Batman: Gotham City Chronicles Kickstarter. This week I received boxes of plastic stuff, and it will occupy a fair bit of my painting and blogging time.

I've made a start with the eponymous hero. I'm relieved the belt gives him a splash of colour, because otherwise's he's just boring monochrome, albeit with a dynamic pose. I'm not game to pump up the contrast in the cape much more. I'm adding a new scale tag for the blog- these figures are easily 35mm soles to eyes, and are on 30mm bases.

I have a vague strategy for painting the figures. Some are used more often (basic thugs etc), some use similar colours, some are just cool or will otherwise be fun to paint. There are plenty of bright colours, hidden eyes and faces (thus quick to paint) and dramatic capes. Be prepared for plenty of bat-content on this blog!

Friday, 17 May 2019

Journeys in Middle-Earth: the bad guys

I'm on a bit of a fantasy kick recently, what with Journeys in Middle Earth, SAGA: Age of Magic, and Game of Thrones (no spoilers please!). Here's the baddies from JiME:


Goblin Scouts

Orc Hunters

Orc Marauders

Hungry Wargs


Hill Troll
I enjoyed batch-painting these figures in their bite-sized quantities. I used Army Painter Oak Brown and Leather Brown with Vallejo 337 Highlight German Black (which is a dark brown) as three brown colours in rotation for their clothing and equipment, then Army Painter Gunmetal to weapons and armour, then Army Painter Strong Tone wash. I did the orcs and goblins with various green/ brown skin tones. I did the wargs following my 'How to paint wolf pelts' guide. I really appreciated the Hill Troll; he's got great muscular anatomy. I added a 40mm base to the wargs and troll.
Journeys in Middle-Earth

Friday, 10 May 2019

Journeys in Middle-Earth: Heroes and comparison to GW

I succumbed to its dark call, and got Journeys in Middle-Earth, a cooperative campaign boardgame. I had a lot of fun painting the miniatures- here they are on my criminally underused Realm of Battle:

Journeys in Middle-Earth heroes
 I really enjoyed painting their cloaks.





Beravor, female human ranger

Elena, female elf musician
The miniatures quickly grew on me. They're not identical to the wonderful Peter Jackson/ Alan Lee/ John Howe/ Weta Workshop visions, but are certainly similar and recognisable. I had thoughts of using my large-ish collection of gorgeous GW figures, but they are more fragile. And there's a significant size mismatch:
GW and FFG
Next week: the baddies!

Friday, 3 May 2019

Bilbo Baggins

I think I'm quite ready for another adventure. I'm being sucked towards FFG's new Journeys in Middle-Earth game, and realised I can fill most of the figures using GW's old range*. I don't have a painted Bilbo, and so took the opportunity to paint up this little guy.
And he really is little; I'm sure I've got bigger 18mm figures! I need to redo the base rim.

I wasn't alone in being disappointed by The Hobbit film trilogy, but you can't deny Martin Freeman was perfect casting. Here he is, in fine form:

*Except the females- there's only three women in Middle-Earth, and FFG adds two more...

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Anzac Day 2019- Simpson and his Donkey

After landing at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915, Private John Simpson Kirkpatrick of the 3rd Australian Field Ambulance helped evacuate wounded soldiers using donkeys. He was shot and killed in May, aged twenty-two.

After his death, the legend of 'Simpson and his donkey' grew, and he has become an iconic figure in modern Australian history. Modern historical work has toned done the legend somewhat.
'The Man with the Donkey' Horace Moore-Jones, 1917

This figure is from The Woodbine Design Company:

It is a nice figure to paint, although my donkeys need practice. I added the rope and a 32mm wooden base. I decided not to add any gore, and gave the casualty a pale shocked skin tone. Although a delightful sculpt, neither the medic nor the donkey are showing any sense of urgency!

Plot twist- the Moore-Jones watercolour above is not actually of Simpson! Moore-Jones mistakenly thought that the photo he based his work on was of Simpson, but it is actually New Zealand Medical Corps Private Dick Henderson. 
Dick Henderson Source

For more about Simpson (and the posthumous controversies), see the Australian War Memorial page and this Sydney Morning Herald article.

Statue at the Australian War Memorial, Canberra

Lest we forget.

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Genestealer Cult Aberrants and Abominant

What's got fifteen feet, nine heads, lots of arms and an attitude?

I painted some Aberrants for my Genestealer Cult to go with the four I painted in 2016 from Deathwatch: Overkill. They're real brutes!
Genestealer Cult Aberrants

Aberrants with Power Pick

Aberrants with Power Hammer

These Aberrants come with a Hypermorph with an Improvised Weapon. I'm very happy with how he came out! If I had more time, I would like to model one with a stop sign, or a kangaroo sign for Aussie flavour. Other ideas gladly accepted! He's got a more pronounced Quasimodo hunch, and a tail.
Aberrant Hypermorph with Improvised Weapon

This big chap is an Abominant, a real hulking tank on a 40mm base. He's wearing overalls for that inbred look and has a bag of bones because reasons. He's teamed up with a Familiar, who is clearly the brains.
Abominant and Familiar

I also pushed out some Infestation Markers in the dying moments of the Analogue Challenge IX, which are handy scatter terrain.
Genestealer Infestation

Friday, 12 April 2019

WW1 15mm specialists

I painted some WW1 'specialist' troops for PSC's Great War. These are a soft plastic and came with the French Army expansion. I've rebased them on 15mm washers.


Lewis Gunners, Elites, and Marksmen

Officers and Spotters

Ammo bearers and Engineer


MG08/15, Marksmen, and Elites

Officers and Spotters

Ammo bearers and Engineer

I made the flamethrowers the same as my French one- with some clump foliage soaked in black paint and glue, and heavily drybrushed white/ yellow/ orange/ red.

The German helmet camouflage was painted over black in a green, a reddish brown, and sand, leaving the black showing between the gaps.