Friday, 2 December 2016

Battlelore- Terrors of the Mists

My painting mojo returned this week after a month-long absence. I was inspired by last week's retrospective, and also the impending AHPC VII.

Here are the 'Terrors of the Mists' for Battlelore. I wanted to get these purple undead done in time for last week's purple-themed post, but they had to wait. I used a simple colour scheme of purple with white and grey and a black wash for a quick and effective unified force.
Battlelore Terrors of the Mists

The reanimates have a definite Ray Harryhausen feel to them, which I adore.
Battlelore Reanimates

Zombie Wolves! I love adding the gore effect to these barghests.
Battlelore Barghests

The Bone Horrors were dead simple to paint, and so first off the queue.
Battlelore Bone Horrors

The necromancers are generic evil dudes.
Battlelore Necromancers

The Banshee is completely context free, which I love. Is she a captive, or a terrible spirit even the necromancers can't fully control? I used a green wash over white, like my Mansions of Madness ghosts, and it is so easy.
Battlelore Banshee

Next week- more Battlelore undead.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Happy 5th blogday!

Has it really been five years?

Yes. Yes it has. And I still haven't followed up on some of the promises I made in my early posts... Someday I'll do a Part 2 for the Rohirrim!

I use blogday for an annual retrospective, which is deliciously indulgent, rambling, long, and picture-heavy. Last year I found a theme in the colour red- this year, the colour purple.

Genestealer Cult

Old school patriarch

Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarves, the Thumper Lumpers

Blood Bowl Chaos Pact Ogre

Imperial Assault- Murne Rin

Imperial Assault- Rodian Hired Guns

Mansions of Madness
To complete my theme colour, I wanted to get some more figures painted for BattleLore, but ran out of mojo (hence the recent run of retrospective posts rather than new stuff). Here's a teaser for upcoming toys:

BattleLore undead

This year, I've been able to get a bit of gaming in- in particular, I've been flexing my Battle Cry setup, which has been fun. A fair bit of Blood Bowl as well, with three tournaments and a mini league. I played a few games of Forbidden Stars as well, which were fun- it's a shame the game won't get any expansions after the FFG/ GW conscious uncoupling. Most of my gaming has been of the boardgame or "hybrid game" variety, many with figures painted by my amigo Glockta.

Forbidden Stars

Blood Rage

Fury of Dracula


Battle Cry

Zombicide- Black Plague
The Wild Flings got a lot of love from the fans, but not so much from their opponents...

Wild Flings- Blood Bowl Halflings

I really liked painting PSC's 15mm WW1 figures. I've got a few of their tanks lined up in my painting queue.

My game of the year was Pandemic Legacy. I thought this may have been overhyped, but this cooperative boardgame campaign provided me with hours of enjoyment. I can't recommend this enough, and I'm eagerly awaiting Season 2.

Earlier this year, I enjoyed playing Imperial Assault and then turning it into comics with the assistance of Mike Glasswell. This has been an unfinished symphony, but there will be more!

This week saw the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge VII announced, and I have thrown my hat in the ring. I participated for the first time last year, and it was such a fun, friendly, supporting environment I have been looking forwards to it all year. And I got so much painted! I'm grimly contemplating all the prep I have to do in the next few weeks...
My AHPC VI output!
What's coming up for WwB? I'll be clearing the decks before AHPC VII, then that should power me into 2017. I'm trying to get to CanCon in January, hopefully we can have a bloggers meet-up like last time. I'm hoping that the Blood Bowl re-release is a good thing. I'm looking forwards to getting a rancor for Imperial Assault. There are a few Kickstarters brewing... so there's more than enough to keep me out of trouble!

As ever, it is your comments that provide extra fuel to this blog, so thank you all for reading and participating!

Friday, 18 November 2016

Blood Bowl- Ogres

Another blast from the past. This is my Ogre team, Snot Unusual. I won the 2008 Eucalyptus Bowl Stunty Cup with these guys.
Blood Bowl Ogre team, Snot Unusual

The Ogres are from Heresy, but I'm not sure if Andy sells them any more. They're on 40mm bases, and each required multiple pins- each is seven parts plus the base! If I ever run out of things to,do, I would rebase these on 30-32mm bases.

I got the Snotlings from Impact!, and they're on 20mm bases. In hindsight, I think it would have been cool to have two or more figures on a 25mm base!


This team was where I started to veer away from the Warhammer-esque fantasy aspect, and played up the American Football aesthetic with helmets, shoulderpads, big numbers, padded leggings etc. Still a healthy amount of spikez, though.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Blood Bowl- Khemri

Another Blood Bowl team from the past. The Khemri are by far the quickest team to paint! They're good to game with, because they teach you the value of a 4+ to pick up the ball. I have done a two-turn TD with this team- once.
The Entombed Raiders

Blitzers (left) and Throwers (right). (I don't know where that black box came from!)


Mummies/ Tomb Guardians

Star Player

Team Coach

Reroll and turn markers

The skeletons are from Warhammer plastics. The mummies, coach and scarabs are all from Reaper.

My painting mojo has disappeared, hence no post last week and a few retrospective posts rather than anything new. Also, I'm moving house which does tend to upset things. Hopefully back to normal programming soon!

Friday, 28 October 2016

Blood Bowl Elves

A bit of a blast from the past today, from 2005. I don't have anything new painted, so here is more of my progression through Blood Bowl teams. These were my fourth team, Pro Elves from ShadowforgePro Elves, or just Elves, are neither High nor Dark nor Wood, although these girls have stood in for a High Elf team as required. Their team name is I Seldi Serci Suluo. I was nerding it up big time, and this is (I think) Quenya for The Maidens of Blood Bowl. Really.
Blood Bowl Elves from Shadowforge
I went for a white and silver scheme, because many other teams at the time were very dark with black undercoats, and my girls would stand out get noticed. I learned a lot about painting white from this team- note the blue and grey shadows. I think it was the first time I used a white undercoat. I'm pretty sure I used enamels! They're showing their age with a bit of chipping, and my painting style has changed/ improved.

While I was doing the Blitzers I was thinking about how their eye sockets looked like gas masks. I was thinking of filling them with a clear resin or varnish, but somehow got the idea of using clear sticky tape, and was able to use it on all the other elves as well. I can really see the elves having high-tech helmets to protect their beautiful faces. It has held up over all the years!

Elf blitzers

Elf throwers
There are only two catcher poses, so I used paperclips to add variety to this important positional with prancing, leaping poses.

Elf catchers
Line elves
I made this conversion from a Reaper figure, to represent Star Player Princess Moranion. I'm really happy with how she came out. Milliput!
Princess Moranion

...and her hair

Reaper 02808 Taryn, Spearmaiden

The support staff have flowers from Milliput. If I ever get around to it, I’ll make some more flowers to add to the players’ bases so you can swiftly see extra skills (e.g. ‘All the red flowers are Block’ etc.). The last cheerleader has a very weak ribbon holding her up and she suffers from chronic droop.

Elf coaches

Elf apothecary

Elf cheerleaders
I must mention that this team won ‘Best Painted’ at the inaugural Eucalyptus Bowl, with a monstrous trophy. Still stoked.

I refined my playing style using these girls. They’re agile and fragile, so you have to make a fast offense and a stalling defence with depth, ready to switch to the offense when your opponent makes an error. Getting ‘Dump off’ on a catcher is great fun. They remain my all-time favourite team so far, being an economical, fast and agile team. I wonder if I will prefer Slann when I get around to them?

Friday, 21 October 2016

BattleLore- Uthuq Y'llan- Warband of Scorn

These are the Warband of Scorn, more figures to expand my BattleLore Uthuq Y'llan force. The sculpting has improved noticeably. I've gone for a bright, cartoony style to complement the game.
Blood Harvesters


Blood Sisters



Warband of Scorn

Uthuq Y'llan

I painted these for the Analogue Challenge in March, and just realised I hadn't put them on this blog yet. I've still got some more good guys and undead to paint up. I do have concerns that FFG's upcoming RuneWars game will detract from BattleLore, and it may be given the boot :(