Friday, 10 July 2020

Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo

Ennio Morricone died this week. The first spaghetti western I saw was A fistful of dollars, and I couldn't stop whistling the tune after that.

These figures are from Artizan, and are lovely sculpts. I painted them about 10-15 years ago, but never finished the bases. I have aspirations of doing a vignette around a grave, like the climax of The good, the bad and the ugly.

Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo

Il buono; 'Blondie'

Il cattivo; Angel Eyes

Il brutto; Tuco

After diving into Sergio Leone's films I bought a CD of Morricone's classics; it is great music and I'm listening to it again now. Vale!

I've been neglecting the blog a bit recently. I have plenty of projects on the go, but I don't like doing work-in-progress posts. Regular posting will resume imminently!

Friday, 26 June 2020

40K GSC Sanctus and ruined statues

After getting my 'stealer cult out of the shadows recently, I was inspired to paint up a character.

The Sanctus is an assassin, armed with a rifle or blade. I was able to magnetize both options.

I did an angular sandy grey camouflage on his cape using Vallejo Model Color 70.821 German Camo Beige, VMC 70.830 German Field Grey, VMC 70.819 Iraqi Sand, and Army Painter Ash Grey.

The figure is poised on a ruined statue, so I painted some ruined statues as practice. Here they are with some Chaos cultists for scale.

The white marble is GW Apothecary White Contrast on a white undercoat, with shading from AP Soft Tone and some thinned AP Uniform Grey to give some veiny contrast in big plain areas.

Friday, 29 May 2020

How I paint genestealers; with group cult shot

Here's how I paint my genestealers. I've refined this over a few years to give reproducible, reasonably quick, good-looking models in the classic indigo-lilac scheme. Of course, character models can have more care and attention applied.

Eight I finished this week


Assemble, undercoat black, complete the basing. (I do the basing before the figure because it is easier to tidy up the base afterwards than to get bits of basing off the figure.) Here, I've used 32mm bases which are more stable.


  • Heavy drybrush Vallejo 70.899 Dark Prussian Blue
  • Drybrush Army Painter Wolf Grey
  • Selected edge highlights AP Ice Storm

Just highlight the bits that catch the light- speed and roughness are OK here because the lighter skin tones later will deflect attention from any mistakes made during this step.


  • AP Toxic Boils
  • VJ 73.204 Flesh Wash
  • AP Toxic Boils
  • AP Toxic Boils/ AP Elven Flesh
  • AP Toxic Boils/ AP Elven Flesh/ VJ 70.820 Off White
I paint the skin lilac and wash it with VJ Flesh Wash, which is magic. Then highlights mostly on the face and eyes.


  • AP Matt Black
  • AP Ash Grey
  • VJ 70.820 Off White to the absolute tips


  • AP Phoenix Flames. Less is more

Temple veins

  • AP Blue Tone


  • AP Barbarian Flesh
  • VJ 73.206 Red Shade


  • AP Corpse Pale

Final touches

  • Base rim
  • Matt varnish

These are the colours that do the heavy lifting

I haven't posted my cult on here for a while- Millsy and Paul OG made me promise to do a group shot of my cult, so I've been putting off this sobering moment.

The Guiding Hands

Are you happy now?

Friday, 15 May 2020

40K Galvanic Servohaulers

These accompany my supply dump. I struggle painting vehicles, but these were somewhat fast to get the basics done with a yellow rattle-can spray (AP Daemonic Yellow) and a homemade wash of craft paint and detergent. I then sponged on some brown rust, and I'm pretty happy with the results. There's a lot of grimdark details that took me a bit of time to get done- it is very easy to fall into a rabbithole of decreasing returns with painting all the details.

The crane is removable from the trailer

The claw!

I added a bit more brown and a small amount of water before applying this liberally

Skull-o-meter™: 11

Friday, 1 May 2020

Soviet NBC troops

Is there anything more terrifying than Soviet gasmasks?

I painted ten of these Eureka figures over ten years ago and really liked them, so I got another five riflemen to round them out. I finally got around to painting these five last week- shame on me! I took the opportunity to finish off some details on my originals, and to rebase them. My paints and painting style have changed, but these were refreshingly quick compared to a lot of the GW stuff I've found myself slogging through lately.

GP-5 gasmasks

Leader has a GP-5m with 'voicemitter'

PKM machine gun

SVD marksman rifle

DP-12 Contamination Survey Meter. This figure is a ringer for art in Osprey Elite #12
Osprey Elite #12 Inside the Soviet Army today

AT-3 Sagger operator. Minimum range 500m!
So now I've gone and ordered a copy of Zona Alfa... I can see some sort of subterranean Stranger Things/ Delta Green thing coming on... The bear came over the mountains of madness?

PS: If you haven't seen HBO's Chernobyl, it is superb.

PPS: Oh no, I just saw Eureka has more figures in this range... may need to get them...

PPPS: I would love these in 15mm.

PPPPS: I really need a BRDM or a BTR...

Saturday, 25 April 2020

Anzac Day 2020: Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels

The 'Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels' entered Australia's wartime mythology following the publication of Sapper Bert Beros' poem of the same name in 1942. Modern review recognises a more diverse range of experiences for the Papuans.

Stretcher bearers in the Owen Stanleys. William Dargie, 1943

Many a mother in Australia, when the busy day is done,
Sends a prayer to the almighty for the keeping of her son.
Asking that an Angel guide him and bring him safely back.
Now we see those prayers are answered on the Owen Stanley track.

For they haven’t any halos, only holes slashed in the ears,
And with faces worked by tattoos, with scratch pins in their hair.
Bringing back the wounded, just as steady as a hearse,
Using leaves to keep the rain off and as gentle as a nurse.

Slow and careful in bad places, on the awful mountain track,
And the look upon their faces, makes us think that Christ was black.
Not a move to hurt the carried, as they treat him like a Saint,
It’s a picture worth recording, that an Artist’s yet to paint.

Many a lad will see his Mother, and the husbands, weans and wives,
Just because the Fuzzy Wuzzy carried them to save their lives.
From mortar or machine gun fire, or a chance surprise attack,
To safety and the care of Doctors, at the bottom of the track.

May the mothers in Australia, when they offer up a prayer,
Mention those impromptu angels, with the fuzzy wuzzy hair.

These figures are from Eureka, on a 60mm Rubicon base. I drilled out the hands, which was a little anxiety-inducing.  The Papuans were painted with Army Painter Leather Brown and two coats of AP Strong Tone. Their hair was Vallejo 70.899 Dark Prussian Blue with AP Dark Tone, which avoids going towards grey. I chose the terracotta skirt colour based off Dargie's painting above.

I chose to model kunai grass as seen in George Silk's iconic photo above. I used an old broken paintbrush and stained the hairs with Woodland Scenics Yellow Ocher, then glued clumps of it using PVA. I then individually picked out all the hairs that had fallen over or weren't attached. I am finding these hairs everywhere now...

Lest we forget.

Kokoda Memorial, Griffith,
Australian Capital Territory

Further reading:

Emma Rogerson, 2012. The 'Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels': Looking beyond the myth. Australian War Museum.

Friday, 3 April 2020

40K Imperial Assassins

I have finally finished the miniatures from the atrociously named Assassinorum: Execution Force. I got this game second hand, already assembled and undercoated, several years ago. I very carefully removed mould lines and then put the figures away to mature. I painted the Vindicare and some of the baddies in 2018, and have now completed the other assassins and all the cultists.

The Vindicare is a sniper with specialised weaponry and ammunition. I never had a metal Vindicare, but am pretty happy with the plastic one. It was tricky getting around the back of the preassembled model.  I painted him in 2018 for the Analogue Challenge 'BFG' theme round.


I'm not a huge fan of the dramatic-scenery-base for gaming purposes, but I grudgingly tolerate it for display purposes. The Eversor looks like the psychotic rampage beast he is.


The Callidus can shapeshift to infiltrate her way amongst the Imperium's enemies. Her synskin gave me anxiety, but I got there in the end with blue-black washes over blue-grey highlights .


The Culexus is a psychic assassin who terrifies you to death. His Giger-esque helm looks like it would give massive neck strain.


As a bonus for you, I dug up my old 1997 metal Eversor and Callidus. I have to respect the 2015 plastic updates which keep so much of the old design. I'm pretty happy with the old Eversor and its paintjob from 20+ years ago! I still haven't finished the old Callidus and probably never will...

Eversors old and new

Callidi old and new

1997 Eversor

Finally, here's all the baddies from the game- one Terminator sorcerer, three Marines, one familiar, fifteen cultists. I will get a game report up on the blog at some point.


  • Vindicare 10
  • Callidus 5
    • Old Callidus 6
  • Eversor 8
    • Old Eversor 5
  • Culexus 4
  • Baddies 22