Friday, 19 January 2018

Imperial Assault- Ahsoka Tano and friends

I've finishing with the latest bunch of heroes from Imperial Assault, and I quite like them.

Firstest with the mostest is fan favourite Ahsoka Tano. She first appeared as an annoying young teen and Anakin Skywalker’s protégée in the Clone Wars animated series. She (and the series) later improved and matured, culminating in her breaking with the Jedi path having been accused of a crime she didn’t commit. She returned in the Rebels series as a grown woman, and it is this aspect of her that I have painted. She senses something familiar about Darth Vader...
Ahsoka Tano

She was great fun to paint. She’s got an interesting colour palette, and some fine details on her front armour. Her head tails look better than they do in the blown-up images. She carries white lightsabers (in that distinctive but questionable dual backhand grip), which I painted a very pale glowing grey and I think came out OK. I decided not to do any significant OSL, as I struggle with just white and paler surfaces.

I didn’t feel so enthused by the next hero, Jarrod Kelvin. He strikes me as an impractical Wolverine-wannabe.
Jarrod Kelvin

In contrast, I do like Ko-Tun Feralo. She seems an eminently practical Rebel.
Ko-Tun Feralo

Finally, I love Drokkatta. Consensus is that she’s female, and I’m not going to question a Wookie demolitions expert. With her wacky goggles, grenade launcher and thermal detonators, I can’t wait to get her into battle.

Heart of the Empire rebel heroes

Friday, 12 January 2018

Imperial Assault- Heart of the Empire Imperials

Heart of the Empire is the latest expansion for Imperial Assault. Here are the Imperial forces from that release, starting with the reason for it all:
Emperor Palpatine
Finally, a chance to use the Royal Guard!

Next, some Riot Troopers. I really like these figures, although I'm unaware of any canonical source. I've neatened up the bases since this picture was taken.
Riot Troopers
The next figures are Sentry Droids from the Rebels series. They're a little prone to twisting at the waist, but a simple paint job serves well.
Sentry Droids
The All Terrain Defence Pod (AT-DP) is a bit of a crowd pleaser, standing even taller than my AT-ST!

Finally, not Empire, but some mercenary scum of the shapeshifting Clawdite variety. They're based on the forgettable Episode II bounty hunter Zam Wesell. I wasn't really enthused by these figures so they got a quick paintjob only.
Clawdite Shapeshifters

Don't be fooled- she's an alien shapeshifter!
Next week: Rebel heroes!