Friday, 27 July 2018

Slaanesh Marine- name suggestions needed!

I've  been dabbling in a few paint schemes. Intrigued by the imminent arrival of Kill Team, I painted a Chaos Marine who's been lying around. It's not a great sculpt (from 2008?), and is slightly undersized on the new 32mm bases, but I was happy with the final outcome. He's got real tabletop presence. I did multiple thin coats of hot pink, a purple pin wash, and some pale pink edge highlights. He only really came together with the black trim.
Slaanesh Space Marine

I've got a couple more for some point in the future, as well as a mob of cultists I have a soft spot for.
Inspiration: Realm of Chaos- Slaves to Darkness (© Games Workshop 1988)
What I need suggestions for is a chapter name and a corresponding cult name. I'm thinking Painbringers and Painseekers?

Keep it clean!


  1. The Blue Oyster Cult (obviously)..... maybe The Emperors Gimps ... The Emperors Pleasure Seekers ... Order of the Gash (very Cenobite). The Bringers of the Emperors Agony or Justice.
    The colour pink doesn't lend itself to menacing chapter names.
    Knights of the Emperor. The Agonisers of the Imperium. The Imperiums Painbringers. The Painbringers of the Imperium.
    The Imperium du Sade.
    A cool chapter master name Dyspareunia.
    Best I go and delete my browser history, the search results have been very disturbing.

    1. Thanks, Phil, the NSA will be having a word soon!

  2. Gorgeous, a member of the legendary Pink Panthers perhaps?