Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Black Lambs

Blood Bowl! I love this game. It's a light-hearted diversion from the angst of much gaming, but at the same time so tense and exciting. It doesn't require many figures or any investment in scenery, and the lack of support from GW encourages inventive use of other companies' miniatures. The rules are well-polished by its fans, and tournaments are significant social events.

I've set myself a personal goal of using a new team for every tournament, and I've got a lot of painting to do! Luckily, I don't get to many tournaments...

Meanwhile, I present my Dark Elf team, 'The Black Lambs'. Miniatures are the Shadowforge Wicked Elves (when I saw them, I knew I had found my Dark Elf proxies).

Witch Elves 



Line Elves


Assistant Coach and Head Coach (referee model actually, but perfect for a coach)

No pictures of the runners, strangely.

These were a labour to paint, but I enjoyed going away from the more common blacks and purples. I was very happy with the skin and hair. The latex/ leather was highlighted up to a bright orange then glazed with a few remaining drops of Citadel Red Ink, which hid a lot of the work but looks very nice (IMHO) close up.

Hopefully these will be clickable, but I still have to clear up the blue picture issue. I'll work with more light and a white background.

NB: Shadowforge customer service was excellent- I got two duplicates of one of the poses- I offered to send it back for the correct pose, but they just sent me the replacement straight away.

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