Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Matchbox HEMTT

They just don't have catchy names anymore, do they? The Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck with Load Handling System, or HEMTT- LHS, came out this year from Matchbox. It has a moveable arm with detachable cargo container, which I have yet to paint. The rest was done in Vallejo 70819 Iraqui [sic] Sand.

What scale is it? The web tells me the real deal is just under 1000cm long. The Matchbox one measures up at 11.5cm, which is ~1:87. The cargo container is supposed to be 20' long in the above pictures. Here are some pictures with a 15mm Peter Pig USMC and an 1:100 Irishserb HMMWV.

Compare to these pictures- I'm happy to use it for my 15mm gaming.

And if you're creative...


  1. Nice job, seems to fit the scale perfectly.

  2. ...M1120 HEMTT LHS!!!

  3. Why is the dude shirtless?