Saturday, 8 September 2012

Dirty Deeds

When I first got these, I painted them a dark blue for use as SWAT (above), but recently repainted them as contractors. I'm happier with them now. They'll see use as contractors, MNU, SpecOps, etc. They need some transport.

I've painted a few guys' helmets tan to mark them as fireteam leaders.

The figures are OK; not much variety in equipment or poses; a smidgen on the small side when next to other figures, enhanced by the crouching poses. You don't really notice it on the tabletop.
Aren't you a little short for a SWAT trooper?
Incidentally, I noted a comic coming out next year, 'The Blackwater Chronicles':


  1. Brilliant! The paintjob is very nice. A huge improvement from the black/blue swat PJ. I like the muted colors (do you use vallejo paints?) and the highlights are well placed.

    I will be following this blog

    1. Thanks, Relic!

      I use Derivan Minis, a range which has, unfortunately, been discontinued. I'm thinking of changing to Vallejo.

  2. Hey Barks, I think the Rebel SWAT guys have come up really well with the re-paint, good work! I also like the PP US marines in the previous post, looking forward to catching your next post now I've joined.

    1. Thanks Gunrunner, there's a variety of 15mm stuff to come in the near future.