Sunday, 6 January 2013

More modern Russians

To complete my troika, here are Eureka's 15mm Russians with Sphera (Spaceball) helmets (earlier posts here and here). I painted these the same as my first batch.

The miniatures are mostly the same, except for the helmets. There's a new pose for the prone PK MG, a new RPG-22 pose, and the RPG-7 gunners don't have the rocket-carrying backpacks.

All in all, a superb range: fine detailing and casting, realistic poses, and a large variety of figures and equipment, all filling a gap in the market. My only complaints are the absence of RPK LMGs, and a relative paucity of officer/ NCO figures.


  1. Very nicely painted. I'd consider picking up some of these. The lack of distinguishable unit leaders is a bit off-putting though.

  2. Very nice camouflage on these 15mm troops.

  3. These are great. I love Russian stuff.