Monday, 25 February 2013

Viking Warlord

After my previous Larger Than Life Warlord, I made a smaller warlord from the Gripping Beast plastic Viking box. I really like the flexibility you get with multi-pose plastics. To help with tabletop recognition, I decided to leave him without a helmet ('cos he's dead 'ard) and to give him a wolf cloak (to tie him in to his Berserkers). I agonised over whether or not to give him an axe instead of a shield, but finally decided on the shield so I could do a bit of thematic freehand. I didn't realise that his right arm is bare while his left has a sleeve! I did some painting on his right arm to make it look like a sleeve.

He doesn't have a name- yet.


  1. Nice work and the shield looks great, very nicely done sleeve I wouldn't of noticed tbh.

  2. Excellent! Great figure all round... The shield is especially nice.

  3. Very nice! You fooled me with the camo sleeve! You're good!!