Monday, 25 February 2013

Viking Warlord

After my previous Larger Than Life Warlord, I made a smaller warlord from the Gripping Beast plastic Viking box. I really like the flexibility you get with multi-pose plastics. To help with tabletop recognition, I decided to leave him without a helmet ('cos he's dead 'ard) and to give him a wolf cloak (to tie him in to his Berserkers). I agonised over whether or not to give him an axe instead of a shield, but finally decided on the shield so I could do a bit of thematic freehand. I didn't realise that his right arm is bare while his left has a sleeve! I did some painting on his right arm to make it look like a sleeve.

He doesn't have a name- yet.


  1. Nice work and the shield looks great, very nicely done sleeve I wouldn't of noticed tbh.

  2. Excellent! Great figure all round... The shield is especially nice.

  3. Very nice! You fooled me with the camo sleeve! You're good!!

    1. Noone expects the camo sleeve!