Sunday, 24 March 2013

Men with big choppers WIP

Or, back to the Dark Ages.

I'm eagerly anticipating Gripping Beast's plastic generic Dark Age warriors following this week's announcement.

I was inspired enough to do a little work on my Anglo-Danish hearthguard for Saga. The bodies and heads are from GB Saxon Thegns, and the Dane axes are from the GB Viking Bondi set. I used some Conquest Norman shields and green-stuffed a gubbin in the middle of the three shields without.

Green stuffed shield boss

Army Painter Leather Brown spray

Some progress!

In other news, last week's river experiment continues; hopefully pics in a week or so. I got in two games of X-Wing at the club today (on a Cor-Sec starfield), I got utterly smashed for my newbie-ness. The Emperor will be displeased...
My TIE fighters immediately before getting vaped...
I've also gone in for the Sails of Glory KickStarter, and am rereading my Patrick O'Brian's. I am with child for this game to come out.


  1. Very nice like those dark age chaps a lot.

  2. SAGA has really brought dark ages gaming into my attention lately.. Great looking minis!

  3. Really good work on the dark ages warriors!
    I like!

    1. Thanks, Sam. Looking forwards to getting more, so need to clear my backlog...