Sunday, 14 April 2013

Mansions of Madness- Call of the Wild figures

I just received Call of the Wild, the expansion set to Mansions of Madness. I rapidly painted the miniatures in the same style as my previous effort. I prepped them in the morning (including my own basing modifications) and smashed out the paintjobs in the afternoon.

Bob Jenkins
Monterey Jack

Amanda Sharpe

Mandy Thompson

Dark Druid

Children of the Goat

Night Gaunt

Goat Spawn
Wizard Whately

The Dunwich Horror

A Dark Young

When I first saw Mansions of Madness, I had to have it. The tiles and components alone are excellent and have great uses for any horror skirmish game. The figures are variable quality, but paint up OK, and the resulting games can be great fun. On a read-through, this expansion seems excellent and I can't wait to give these scenarios a go.


  1. Nicely done, I need to have a go with some of these games they seem to becoming popular. Might pick up zombicide or something similar.

    1. I haven't played Zombicide, but Last Night on Earth has been good fun.

      There's a certain appeal to these games: everything's in the box (including scenery), there's no arguments over range rulers and line of sight, you don't need a massive table, and they provide a great time!

  2. Nice job on these Barks. The painted minis instead of bare plastic as to be much for fun for gaming.

  3. Interesting, that's almost exactly how I imagined the Dunwich Horror. Except it would always have a cow in its mouth.

    I think I must give Mansion of Madness a chance, only played Arkham Horror which I loved, mostly perhaps of the co-players, though... its one of those games where the group is more important than the game. But I think you could play MoM alone and still enjoy it.

    1. Absolutely, the group and the 'experience' are more important than the game.

      MoM isn't really a solo game, though. There is one solo scenario in this expansion, but you'd struggle to do things solo.

    2. I suppose you're right. One of my regular gaming friends quite often plays and logs(!) games of Arkham Horror, I figured it was the same for MoM. However, the existance of solo scenario sound interesting, at least there's something to build on if one would like to modify the game slightly.