Sunday, 23 June 2013

Blood Bowl- Undead and Necromantic

This is Playing Dead, my Blood Bowl Undead team.
Playing Dead
And these are the Zoombies, my Necromantic team. There's a lot of crossover between the two, so I've bundled them in the same post.
The ghouls are conversions of Warhammer figures, mostly with weapon snips. One of them was holding a rock which became the basis for a football, and I really like his pose. The Necromantic team can have up to two ghouls, while the Undead get up to four.

The zombies are quick greenstuff conversions I made a few years ago from plastic Warhammer zombies. I give them big shoulderpads like NFL players, and used paper clips to make the helmet bars. They're rough and ready, but a dark and dirty paintjob helps hide my failings.

The wights are from Reaper, and I'm really happy with them.


I dislike mummies in my Euro-gothic horror, so on the Undead I used Frankenstein's monsters as proxy mummies, and haven't got any skeletons on the team. Eventually, I might get some. The monsters are from Reaper and Eureka. I greenstuffed over the Eureka jacket and gave it a bit more of a camouflaging paintjob. I would like to find two similarly styled figures for these two hulks.

Frankenstein's monsters as proxy mummies or Flesh Golems (Reaper L, Eureka R)
The Necromantic team gets two werewolves, which are from Westwind's excellent gothic horror range.

I use this fun figure as the Star Player Hack Enslash. He, too, is from Reaper.

Hack Enslash
This is my coach, the mad doctor, also from Westwind.

Finally, my gravestone reroll counters come from the Warhammer zombies box. I love the iconic fist.
No more room in Hell


  1. very cool. Undead & Necro are ripe for being a combo-team. Oddly, my undead & necro team I'm building have zero cross-over. but I'm using the reaper frankenstein's monster & the wights you have in my necro team too. I love that west wind coach! he's got a lot of character

    1. I'm looking forwards to your 24 team build, mine is progressing slowly too. It's the planning that I enjoy.

  2. That is a fun looking team, they look great especially the zombies :D

    1. Thanks, Simon, I did enjoy making the zombies!

  3. Pretty cool, gives me nice ideas for my own conversions. :)