Thursday, 4 July 2013

Blood Bowl- Vampires

More Blood Bowl! It's Eucalyptus Bowl this weekend, and I'm taking... Vampires!

I present my new team: Bite Club! If it's your first game, you will get bitten...
Bite Club

The Brides are from Westwind. The ethereal dresses were an interesting challenge, and I think the red-head's came out best.
Mary, Liz, Polly and Annie*

The coach/ head vampire is also from Westwind, and will stand in as Star Player Luthor von Drakenborg if required. He's on a 30mm base.
Interview with a Vampire coach

"Coach, when they say you suck, that's not a compliment..."

The Thralls are Corn Dolls from Crooked Dice. They're great miniatures, but I confess they're not very theme-y. Maybe the vamps have gone vegetarian? I almost rage quit from getting the arms to stay on. I should have pinned them. Painted up, they look really sinister and I may recycle them into another team...

The reroll markers are from Warhammer, and will hopefully see use in other games such as Fear and Faith.
"Three rerolls! Ha! Ha! Ha! I love to count!"

All up, this was a fun team to paint and I expect it to be a real challenge to play at Eucalyptus Bowl this weekend.

*If you can work out the name of the fifth vamp (green hair with the coach), give yourself a pat on the back.


  1. These look great. Corn dolls work fine, they're powered by bloody human sacrifice.


  2. Very nice painting, you've nailed that white.

  3. Brilliant! I wish I could see this game played locally. Painting and fielding clever teams like what you've done here seems to be only half the fun!

    1. Absolutely! Creating and converting your own custom team and coaching staff is really fun, and you only need 15-20 figures maximum. Good luck in getting a local league going!