Friday, 1 November 2013

Blood Bowl Humans- The Nuns

This will be the first in an occasional series going through my Blood Bowl teams in a chronological order, not including those already covered on my blog.

My very first Blood Bowl team was Dwarves. I got beaten a lot because I had no idea how to play.  It wasn’t just that I didn’t own the rules and had to rely on my opponents telling me what I could and couldn’t do, but also I didn’t have a clue about tactics. I didn’t take Blitzers because I couldn’t see the advantage in their (relative) agility, and because they didn’t have Tackle. I’d just line all my guys up on the line of scrimmage in defence. (Now I’m better- and I own a copy of the rules!).
A few years later, and I guess about over ten years ago, I had met a new wargaming opponent, Sangraal. He was teaching me DBA. The concept of units supporting adjacent units in a battle line and pushing opponents back sparked a few memories, and I said to him, “I think you’ll like Blood Bowl.” We then got into it in a big way, he’s run many Australian tournaments, and I haven’t beaten him in yonks (and I don't think we've touched DBA since...).

My first team in my re-finding of Blood Bowl was Shadowforge's nuns. I actually wanted to play the bunnies, but Sangraal got there first, and I’m glad he did because the nuns- The Bad Habits- were awesome. They opened my eyes to the potential of Blood Bowl to be non-GW, with conversions and customised support staff and allow you to really personalise a team. You know I'm having fun when I've got more support staff than players!
The Bad Habits
The linesisters

Sisters Patience and Goodness

Blitzers- Sisters Faith, Hope, Charity, and Salvation

Throwers- Sisters Sweetness and Light. These are some of my all-time favourite sculpts

Catchers- Sisters Chastity, Prudence, Virtue and Temperance. I really like human catchers.

Mother is the centrepiece of the team. She is still one of my favourite conversions, from a Reaper ogre. I went nuts with Milliput, and she always gains attention and compliments. My favourite moment with her was when I pulled off a last-turn highly unlikely play and got the ball from one end to the other and passed it to Mother, who caught it. To score, she needed to Blitz one opponent out of the way- Triple Skulls! I forgave her.

Before the operation

The Apothecary is the Reaper Angel of Light. I do better white now.

Other support staff from Shadowforge.
The monk is a generically useful figure for many games.

These are from RAFM.  The mad nun is my wizard, and I've had plans to change the lantern to a chainsaw. Someday.
Support staff

The reroll markers are also from Reaper.
Reroll markers

Cheerleaders are from the ever-useful West Wind and Shadowforge.
I love the cheerleader personalities.

I never went to a Catholic school, but it’s a common question I get from people who have seen the team. I also get a lot of questions about whether or not I have a nun fetish- sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t! Some friends got me a wind-up Nunzilla (she shoots sparks as she walks) to be a team mascot.
It's interesting looking back at these figures. I hadn't found my current painting style yet, and these are decidedly clunky, especially in close-up. There are a few chips I should touch-up. Still, I really enjoy the sense of uniqueness and ownership that the conversions and support staff bring to the team.


  1. Oh priceless, although the Mother Superior is wonderfully disturbing!

  2. Fantastic mate, just awesome! I love the mother superior - wonderful conversion.

    I have a Nun team waiting for some attention too - I plan to call them the "Bloody Marys".

    Will we see these ladies at CanCon perhaps?

    1. I look forwards to the Bloody Marys!

      The Habits had a dismal showing at CanCon '11; one win, two ties, and three losses...

  3. that is funny as hell, I really like them a lot, great job.

  4. That is cracking sir, Mother is the highlight!

  5. Yeah, so "The Bad Habits" line made me snort coffee out my nose. Thanks ;)


  6. This is brilliant! I suffered a schoolyear's worth of nuns and none of them looked quite this good, or bad!

  7. The Bad Habits are back. Dunno if you remember, my first game of BB was with those girls.

    1. Your first? I hadn't really marked it, to be honest. I hope they were gentle...

  8. Great looking team. It looks like it was a lot of fun to make and play.

  9. Ahh memories :-)

    still as awesome as ever John