Friday, 17 April 2015

Star Wars Imperial Assault campaign finale

Some lacklustre photos, and a spoileriffic conclusion to our Imperial Assault campaign. The photos aren't as action-packed as the game was.

The Rebels fought their way into the Imperial bunker, but were unable to take down Darth Vader. Gaarkhan the Wookie died in the assault, and the remaining traitors were sentenced to death at a show trial. Yay!

Some concluding random thoughts:
  • This is definitely Descent v2.5, not 3.0
  • Good, enjoyable, but not perfect.
  • I'm really looking forwards to more expansions, and will post here as I paint them
  • Also looking forwards to trying new characters
  • I'm so lazy, I hope someone comes up with a record-keeping app for this
  • Board artwork is great, really captures the look of Star Wars
  • I hope the skirmish scene takes off locally
  • Unpainted figures? Not even once.


  1. Sounds good. I am trying to be good and not buy to much miniature wise lately but keep seeing this pop up and its soooooo tempting!

    1. It's plastic, so doesn't contribute to the lead mountain- right?

  2. I hope these games and the new trailer are getting you in the mood for December!
    I have all my figures out of the box and 4 stormtroopers painted, but the odds of playing a game are still some way off.

    1. Ep 7 had better be good... Also, the new Battlefront computer game trailer is pretty inspiring.

      Good luck with the painting, I found the Stormtroopers took the most effort overall. They look cool though.