Thursday, 28 January 2016

CanCon 2016!

My last trip to CanCon was 2013! I was very glad to be able to make it back again, and had a great time. The main reason I went was for the Blood Bowl tourney, to which I took my new Halfling team, and which I will cover in my next post.

A new occurrence this year that I was stoked to have been able to attend was the Australian Wargamer Bloggers' Meet-up, which is covered in more detail on Paul of the Man Cave's blog. I finally got to put names to faces, and we all caught up again in the evening for a chat and a few adult lemonades.

I took a few pictures this year. First, here are some of the games (click to embiggen):
3mm moderns from Bish of the Tiny Tanks blog. FFoT3 rules.

1930s Sino-Japanese conflict, I believe

The battle of 'Canburgh' 1863; ACW using Fire and Fury.

My mate Shannon played in the X-Wing tourney

Malifaux- I love the tombstones on the crater.

Part of the Battle of Leipzig. 28mm Napoleonics.

Dux Homunculorum's Scots versus Skraelings at SAGA.

I'm a sucker for a good table, and the Infinity guys never disappoint.

Check out the koi pond!

Many of my local club, the Newcastle Legion, attended to play Epic.

I got to play a few games on the Sunday night, namely Sheriff of Nottingham, Sushi Go and Formula D.
My soccer mom in the white van will win this race!

Finally, here's the loot I couldn't resist... FFG are draining my wallet. I got the Team Yankee stuff for a look, but I don't know if I'll use the rules (at least, not in 15mm).
Bring on the next CanCon!


  1. Great report. You got some lovely pictures.

    I always get particularly excited whenever I see anything about Cancon... until I realize that it's in Australia and not Canada.

    1. Come on down, the weather's lovely that time of year!