Friday, 5 August 2016

Imperial Assault- Bespin heroes and villains

The Bespin Gambit has an emphasis on espionage and intelligence, which is reflected in the heroes and villains- Lando and pals can be found in my previous post.

Davith Elso is a Jedi with a 'shrouded lightsaber' who is into being stealthy. I am reasonably happy with the glow effects, which don't come out well in my photo. He looks an awful lot like Nightwing...
Davith Elso

Murne Rin is an Ithorian agent who relies on misdirection and deception rather than force. I think her robes make her look like some sort of aquatic invertebrate.
Murne Rin

Agent Blaise is supposed to be a master interrogator. However, he's got the impotent rage angry fist thing going, and what is he doing in scout armour with an MG-34/ heavy blaster?
Agent Blaise

The ISB infiltrators look cool, straight out of some computer game. I only wish they were in a firing pose. Lining all the armour edges in grey was frustrating, but paid off.
ISB Infiltrators

Finally, Bossk. Not at all sneaky or stealthy, he's an angry brutal reptile.
Here's my favourite Bossk moment:

You just got Bossked!


  1. These are absolutely wonderful and that Bossk moment is hysterical, a fabulous link.

    1. Unfortunately I can't 'un-see' Dengar now!

  2. These are really sharp. I love your tones, especially on Rin. Bossk, however, is the best. I've been worrying I won't get him looking right; his skin tones are perfect!

    1. Thank you! I used a dark brown wash on Bossk's skin and picked out a few highlights around the face

  3. These all look awesome. Fabulous paintjobs on cracking figures :)

  4. I particularly like your painting on the ISB infiltrators, & your work on Bossk is absolutely stunning! I love the accurate tones you've achieved on his flightsuit, & the detailed patterning on his flesh.