Friday, 9 September 2016

Genestealer hybrids Part 2

The first and second generation hybrids are more bestial than the third and fourth generation, and all have extra limbs. The second generation have lost the forehead crest and have more humanoid feet. They are armed with autopistols and blades, and some have acquired xenos blades.

1st generation genestealer hybrids 
2nd generation genestealer hybrids

Aberrants are the outcome of errors in replication. A brutish addition to the genestealer cult stable, they are armed with mining tools.

Aberrants with power hammers

Aberrants with power picks

I've only got a few figures to go to complete the cult, but a few distractions as well, so it may not be finished until next month.

1st and 2nd generation hybrids and aberrants


  1. Every bit as impressive as the last batch mate.

  2. Very nice - excellent painting. The flesh tones work really well, & the overall colour scheme is striking without being garish.