Friday, 28 July 2017

Deathwatch Raven Guard

The Raven Guard, Edryc Setorax. This figure is pleasing to me- it is predominantly black, and doesn't have too much detracting bling. I like the classic beakie helmet as well. I would think about adding a blue tinge to his lightning claws- if I ever run out of things to paint!

I'm quite happy with the blue-black raven feathers. You can't make it out in the pictures, but the jump pack and leg scrolls say 'Raven Guard'.

Skullometer: 8 (including avian and xenos)
Total Squad Skullz: 28

Here's a group shot so far. Can you see how I'm struggling to get them to look like a coherent team, due to excess bling?


  1. What a fabulous miniature, and beautifully painted I might add.

    1. Thank you! They are a bit of a hard slog.