Friday, 27 October 2017

Zomtober- Last Night on Earth survivors 3

As Zomtober draws to a grisly close, here's my final batch- the remaining LNoE survivors. Three of the figures are alternate poses of earlier figures, which is a bit annoying. I'd rather have had three new characters.

 This guy has a bit of a baby face, which is frustrating. He otherwise looks like he's come from a Siberian penal battalion.
Jake Cartwright, drifter
Nikki is one of the most sensibly equipped and outfitted survivors. I'd join her band to escape the zompocalyspe!
Nikki, bush pilot
 I quite like this determined pose.
Sally, high school sweetheart
 You can't quite see it, but this guy has a pencil behind his right ear. I am not entirely happy with his tie.
Mr Goddard, chemistry teacher
This sculpt was uninspiring. It was my first time doing a checked shirt- I don't envy those of you with highland regiments!

Ed Baker, lumberjack
 This paintjob also suffers from babyface.

Sheriff Anderson, small town lawman
 I was really happy with Jade's hair and leggings. I did her face with extra white for that goth look, but my photo is a bit out of focus. She's carrying a skateboard.
Jade, high school outcast
 I like this guy's stogie and bald head.
Sam, the diner cook
 Stacy's notepad came out better than I thought it would. It could also be a tablet, as she searches for a WiFi signal.
Stacy, Investigative reporter

That's it for Zomtober for me! Here's my output, 14 zombies and 24 survivors:
Last Night on Earth

As I commented last week, there is a lack of diversity in this figure range. There's also a lack of imagination with the names: Johnny, Kenny, Stacy, Nikki, Becky, Sally, Billy and Jenny all feature!

It has been great to get all these figures done this month! Thanks to all my Zomtober comrades who have inspired me:
Fantorical - Blaxkleric
Saturday Mornings - Ivor Evans
28mm Victorian Warfare - Michael Awdry
Miniature Mayhem - Terry Silverthorn
Cheaphammer!!! - Kieron
Lead Reckoning - Fred Jackson
Never Mind The Jankers - Roy Williamson
The Wargaming Addict - Wargaming Addict


  1. An effective bunch. You're not the only one with a dislike of painting tartan.

  2. Wow! These look great and I would definitely be in Nikki's group too, mind you Sam looks like he could find a way out of a tough scrape or two.

    1. He also looks like he’d eat you if he got a bit peckish

  3. I wish Sally had been my high school sweetheart.

    1. Thrown into each other’s arms by the zombopocalypse

  4. Great stuff! These kind of figures is what I feel TWD line I'm working on is missing - I know they are following the characters in comics, but I really like to see figures who are caught in the moment, just regular people who were at work or school when things went bad. Like grabbing whatever weapon was close - the wrench or fire extinguisher. And I still just love that grocery clerk throwing the cans :)

    1. I’m finding you really need a big range of miniatures to give you the options you want for your survivor band.

  5. Very nicely done Barks. :)

    You have painted a really nice selection of minis from the LNoE stuff. :)

    1. Thanks, Citizen, Zomtober has been a great driving force.

  6. That is a big push on the painting front. All looks really good.

  7. Really nice work. The criticisms of the range are fair, although both the lack of diversity and the ‘samey’ names are at least appropriate to the genre the game seeks to emulate.

    Really well done.

    1. I heard that there’s an upcoming expansion with an Asian male- far too little, too late.

  8. Fantastic job yet again. It has been a very productive month for Zomtober.

    1. Yes, I really appreciate a ‘push’ from the community.

  9. plenty of nice figures there. well done!