Friday, 24 November 2017

Happy blogday to me

It's the 6th ever blogday for WwB! As always, it's a time to look back over the past year. My retrospective has a yellow theme. It was the main colour for my samurai command unit...

All your base are belong to us.

... but mostly I used it as a splash of colour in other projects:
Pillage People got hammered at CanCon

Surrender Monkeys did better than expected at EucBowl

Drenn Redblade

Acolyte Iconward

Onar Koma

Gold Squadron, standing by.
Last night on earth

Two things which have no yellow, but I'm very happy with, are my white walkers and landships.

I haven't done as much miniature wargaming this year, but have made up for it with some serious boardgame time. CodenamesArkham Horror: The Card Game, and Commands & Colors Napoleonics have all seen solid playing time. I've dabbled with some escape room games, the Unlock and Exit series. I'm in the middle of a Pandemic Legacy 2 campaign right now.
Pandemic Legacy 2 yellow edition
I'm moving house- again... I've been trying to pack up all my little men, and it is proving a sobering task as I realise the lack of sensible transport options...

So, what's ahead? After my Deathwatch slog, I'm eyeing off Space Hulk. Following my trip to Japan, I feel I can't keep putting off my samurai. I hope to get to CanCon 2018. There will be more Star Wars.  I'm looking forwards to some PSC 15mm WW1 French.  I'll be looking closely at Batman The Boardgame when it hits Kickstarter early next year.

The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge VIII has been announced, and I've thrown my hat in the ring. I may have overstretched with an ambitious target of 1100 points... but I'm really looking forward to it!

AHPC VII output

In other blog news, I will likely be hitting 300 posts before next year! As always, thanks to all the readers and bloggers who make this such a varied and fun place!

PS: I've found my dream gaming room and table-

See it in action here:


  1. Very many happy returns to Wargaming with Barks, here's to many more productive years.

  2. Congratulations on your blogaversary Barks

  3. Happy blogiversary mate! You've produced some truly gorgeous stuff this last 12 months. I have to say the Genestealer Cult stuff has been my favourite I think.

    1. Thanks, Millsy, I’m really happy with them.

  4. Happy blogday to you, happy blog to you, happy blogday dear Ba-arks, happy blogday to you!

  5. Replies
    1. Cheers, Eric, you’re a real inspiration!

  6. Happy blogday! Another cracking year mate - all great stuff but my favourite were your white walkers and your Genestealers

    1. They are crowd-pleasers! I wonder what they say about my psychology...

  7. Happy Blog-day to you, and some cracking minis there - well done. :)

  8. Another blog birthday?! Awesome :). May the paint never dry on your brushes...