Friday, 21 June 2019


I have a soft spot for the Gotham City Police. They've got no super powers or gadgets, they're (mostly) constrained by the rule of law and the whims of the Mayor, they're targets for supervillains, sometimes they're sent to hunt the Batman, and are a bit of a laughing stock to other police forces because crazy vigilantes do their work for them. I liked Gotham Central (2002-2006), a comic book series about the police where Batman and friends are hardly present.

Cops with handgun

Cops with baton

Commissioner Gordon

I've always liked Jim Gordon, a man thrust into the centre of the Batman's shenanigans. He overcomes corruption in the GCPD and rises to its very head, but somehow can't work out either the identity of Batman or that his daughter is Batgirl. In Year One, an excellent origin story, it is hinted that he has always known about Bruce Wayne but chooses not to let on.

Batman: Year One (1987)
Batman: Eternal (2014-15)
I liked that depiction of Gordon wearing gloves and carried that over. I'm a little concerned my paintjob looks like he's got a Groucho Marx disguise on...
Commissioner Gordon

Bullock and Montoya

Harvey Bullock appears to be a slob, but is a hardworking and loyal detective. He's old-school and not afraid to break the law to get results. His partner, Renee Montoya, is an excellent detective in her own right. She has struggled with homophobia from both her colleagues and her immigrant parents.
Detective Bullock

Gotham Central (2004)
Detective Montoya

Detective Comics (2015)

Major Crimes Unit


  1. No he doesn't look like Groucho Marx, I always like the Klaus Janson Batman Year One story arc and the figure does the artwork justice.

  2. Wonderful paint work, a very nice selection of figures there for you to use.
    Re; Harvey he's my favourite but I can't help thinking he is half of team 'Laurel & Hardy'...

  3. Nicely done. The figures will definitely add atmosphere to the game.

  4. Cool job. The Groucho reference made me chuckle, but I don't really see that on the mini. On the contrary, I think it's quite a lovely paintjob!

    1. Thanks, Suber! I think it was worse before I completed the highlights.