Sunday, 29 July 2012

Diecast vehicles for 15mm moderns

I found these in the shops today. The top three are my pictures, and have an Irishserb HMMWV and some WIP Peter Pig militia on 20mm washers for scale:

Matchbox Rocket Launcher- ?fantasy vehicle, scale unclear. Rotating and elevating launcher with removable rockets, moving tracks, opening hatch, rotating MG. My google-fu failed me in finding any pictures. This will be a great objective for games.

Matchbox M1A1. Scale 1:90. Rotating turret, Elevating gun, rotating MG, opening hatch. Has been released previously under different paintjobs.

Siku TPz Fuchs 1:94. Rotating and somewhat chunky MG. Very cool vehicle, itching for a repaint.

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