Sunday, 5 August 2012

Lord of the Ring- Dwarves

I love the concept of the war between the goblins and the dwarves- bitter generations of hatred, desperate fighting in the dark and gloom, all unheard of by the wider world as it goes on beneath their feet. I was fortunate to get one of the LotR Dwarf Battle boxes a few years ago, but only painted the figures sporadically. I’ve picked up a few extra second hand figures along the way. Because I painted these at different times there are subtle variations in colour, and not-so-subtle variations in the care given to the painting! The earlier ones are more carefully painted, the later ones reflect the frustrated rush to just get them finished.
 Here they are- I went for a not-too-rich colour scheme, with not so much gold bling and a simple blue/ cream palette to offset my goblins’ red/ green. Sand and model railway ballast was PVA’d to the base, painted black, and drybrushed.
Warriors with shield
 I was never really happy with the creator’s design for a round shield with three rivets, and went for a very plain paintjob on the shield. Maybe the dwarves use them to identify friend from foe in the dark, maybe they are meant to resemble the sun or moon…
Warriors with two-handed axes
Warriors with short bows
Rangers with long bows
Rangers with throwing axes
Rangers with two-handed axes
Iron Guard
Standard bearer
Captain with shield
I carefully split this dwarf captain’s fingers so he is looking a little Churchillian… if I was really keen I’d have added a shield to his back.
  Khazad Guard get the lion’s share of the gold in my force, but I don’t have many figures- I have several whose axes were snapped before I got my hands on them.
Khazad Guard
 Dwarf adventurers- I gave them pure white rather than cream.
Murin and Drar
 I had a spare Gimli, and I tied him into the rest of the force via his cloak.
Gimli, son of Gloin
Truth be told, I've never really got them out and had a good large game with all of them.

Still to paint, don’t know when…:

  • Dain
  • 12 Dwarf Rangers


  1. Nice dwarves! I'm envious, I have a mess of dwarf rangers I'd built for an Erebor scouting force, but never found the time to paint them. The goblins better bring a lot of trolls if they hope to dent these dwarves! ;)

  2. Absolutely fantastic! I have always loved the idea of playing Dwarves Vs Goblins, but I have not even managed to paint the Goblins from the Mines of Moria set, so a whole army might be pushing me a little! I need to work on the figures I already have for LotR before getting swept up in yet more armies! :)

    1. Thanks! Good luck with your own LotR painting!