Friday, 24 May 2013

Big Daddy and Hit Girl (with bonus ninjas)

Kick Ass!
This is one of the greatest gun-play fight scenes ever:

I really enjoyed Kick Ass, and I converted these figures for a bit of fun.

"So, you wanna play?"

Love the way she's holding the sword.

Hit Girl is based on a Eureka Kung Fu Schoolgirl, with a spare sword from a LotR Orc. The outfit isn't exact, but I think I've got the 'vibe' down OK. I used a different undercoat, which unfortunately turned out rather gritty. I struggled with the hair, I think it needed a little more red. It would have been nice to add a yellow grenade and some pink pouches, but the yellow neckerchief will have to do. I didn't sculpt the mask, I just painted it on.

Big Daddy comes from the 'Batman Begins: Shadow Assault' boardgame, which I picked up on clearance at a toy store a few years ago for $9.99. It also comes with 20 clear plastic ninjas. I threw everything else away.

Zok! Bap! Kapow!
I used some guns from Reaper. I like the wooden stock on the sawn-off shotgun, it really helps that jarring 'Batman using guns? WTF already?' effect. It looks like he's about to shoot his foot, but he isn't! I'm not really happy with the angle of the revolver hand, it looks uncomfortable. I did the classic Batman white eyes, and left the ears on. The yellow helps tie the two figures together, but again, it would have been nice to add a grenade to his belt. I left this figure on the integral base it comes with, which is a tad smaller than 25mm. It would not have been worth the effort to do it properly.

And here's Big Daddy's best fight scene:

Finally, because I don't know where else on this blog I'd put them, are the ninjas from the boardgame. Quickest. Paintjob. Ever.

"I guess you haven't heard of the Inverse Ninja rule?"

After this effort, my painting licence should be revoked.
Crates are from Battle Works Studios (out of business), floor tiles from Doom.


  1. Love 'em! Before I read on, I thought someone had released this figures. That's a compliment to your conversions and capturing the look and spirit of these two.

  2. Very nice job on these. There are some very suitable figures in the RAFM USX Range and if you like 15mm there is a fantastic one by Khurasan miniatures

    1. Thanks, Simon. I do have my eye on the Khurasan one, next time I place an order with him she'll be there.

  3. Nice conversions. I'm all for quick ninjas. I was unaware of the inverse ninja rule, but it is very funny.

  4. Inverse Ninja Rule explains the profoundly inept mooks in "Power Rangers" quite well, for sure.

    I like your heroes, even if Hit Girl's style isn't perfect, it's certainly close enough. She's definitely rocking the ol' ultra-violence, for sure. Don't feel bad about the half-assed ninjas, I think those figures are too lumpy for anyone to make them look good without exceptional painting skill. As it is you can put them on the table, and knock them off by the dozen.

    So, about those Khurasan Half-Life figures... I've got my eye on you, mister. I'd love to see someone else's take on those :)

    1. Thanks, Allison, & welcome aboard!

      I'll get those Half-Life figures done. Eventually.

  5. Heheh! "Kick-ass", sweet movie ;) I really enjoy playful projects like this one - published for our perusal and enjoyment. Thanks!