Sunday, 5 May 2013

Fixing a hunk of junk

Just a quick one today, as I try to force myself out of the painting doldrums ( I should have posted this on May the Fourth, of course). I got a rather nice Millennium Falcon for X-Wing, and note that the otherwise good paintjob is let down by the absence of the sublight engine glow. The TIEs and X-Wings themselves, you don't really miss it, but on this big ship it is somewhat conspicuous in its absence.

I did some research:

I had it in my head that the engines give off a blue glow (like the box art), but the film clearly shows predominantly white (except when escaping Tatooine). Maybe there's a faint blue tinge around the edges if you don't quite look at it directly...

Anyway, I decided to go with simple, and a few thin coats of white later:

I had been thinking of leaving it there, but already I am thinking of adding a tinge of blue- here's a nice one from Martin at the Fire Broadside blog:


  1. Great idea. I think I will try to do something similar on my models. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Very nice "touch" on this bird.

  3. Thanks guys, at some stage I'm sure I'll add some blue.