Sunday, 4 May 2014

X-Wing: Back in black

In celebration of Star Wars Day, here's the follow-up to my previous test of black X-Wing flight stands. I've only done the rebels so far, the Imperials will have to wait. Here's a token TIE fighter to show the difference.

Whilst I was in the mood, I fixed my B-Wing based substantially on this video by GameTime. I used 2mm magnets from ModiFX. I did it a bit hastily and it's not as neat or secure as it could be, and I'll do it with more care when I get more B-Wings.

The background starfield is a Warboard from Warsmith's Kickstarter. Finally, here's a neat mash-up:
Luke Racer by Jason Chalker


  1. I've got to say, I'm quite taken with the black stands and the mat. Will definitely have to go and check those out.

  2. Great collection - the force is strong in you Barks.

    1. I think Darth Barks is a good, intimidating name.

  3. Might have to steal that black base idea. Looks good.