Saturday, 7 June 2014

15mm modern armour- T-72Bs

This is the Zvezda 1:100 T-72B. A nice, simple snap-together plastic kit. The kit has different armour from the box depiction. I accidentally snapped off the turret attachment- it's a fine fit, and the layer of spray paint on both surfaces made it stick... I hand-drilled appropriate holes and stuck a bit of paperclip to hold it together. I failed to learn from another blogger (whose post I can't re-find) who did the same thing...

One of the reasons I dislike painting armour is tracks and roadwheels. Thankfully, the Zvezda 1:100 T-72B has covered running gear so I only have to paint half as much! (not to mention they're single-piece tracks and wheels, so you don't have to assemble the damned things). Still, I wish I'd left the tanks partially disassembled for ease of getting into the nooks and crannies. It was still painful.

I painted and weathered it the same as my BTR-80, see here and here. Well, almost the same. After thicker brown and black washes, I picked out edge and panel lines with GI Green and Iraqui [sic] Sand. The increased contrast looks better at this smaller scale, but I'm still not entirely happy with it.
Before weathering

Zvezda 1:100 T-72B

It's a nice, mean-looking tank with a busy turret. Could do with a roof-mounted MG and smoke launchers.


  1. Looks excellent mate nice work. Can you not buy some add on's?

    1. It's good enough. My T-55s have DShKs and I'm always worried about snapping them off.

  2. Great paint-job, I really like your weathering; and the camo scheme looks very cool.

  3. Beautiful weathering work, well done!

  4. Excellent paint job... I can smell the diesel humes.