Friday, 27 June 2014

Blood Bowl Skaven

Blood Bowl Skaven- 'Rodent Vector'
After the Dwarves and the nuns, my next Blood Bowl team was the Skaven (I'm thinking this was early 00's). I'd been out of the GW loop for a while, and was stunned by the Warhammer multi-piece plastic kits. I made a team with some Milliput conversions, and then went a bit nuts with sideline staff and mutations.
Gutter Runners


Storm Vermin

Line Rats

Rat Ogre

Mutations: Big Hand, Long Legs, Foul Appearance

Star Player Hakflem Skuttlespike

Team Wizard

Team Coach (Splinter)

Team Apothecary

Turn Marker

Rerolls (Reaper miniatures)

Compared to my later painting style, there's not as much contrast here as I would like, and they're a little muddy. Still, they hold up, and I'm quite pleased with the overall team appearance.

I've literally dusted them off because we're starting a BB league locally this weekend, and I thought it was time for me to get a few games in with an older team. I'll tart them up when I get the chance- reattach a few tails and add some different flocking to the bases.


  1. Fantastic team Barks!
    Skaven were my first and favourite too, but I have 2nd ed minis for my players.

    Good luck with them in your new league!

    1. Thanks, Paul! I like those new rats currently in a kickstarter, but I already have a team and don't need a new one- do I?!

  2. Gorgeous work! I want to play BB looking at these characters. Good look with the new league!

    1. Thanks, Monty! They do have character!

  3. Dunno why but Skaven are cool. Are they going to need much of a change in play style though? If you haven't got them out for a while will they need a bit of running in......

    1. I haven't played BB since August, so any team is going to need me to blow the cobwebs off. Pick up the ball with a Gutter Runner, score, repeat- how hard can it be?!

  4. Well exactly. I'm sure that's what Bill told you years ago.

    1. Along with other helpful advice like 'try rolling more sixes and less ones'.