Saturday, 5 July 2014

On Lego

Earlier this year my long-dormant Lego interest was rekindled by the thoroughly enjoyable Lego Movie. I pulled things out of storage, found long-lost instructions on the internet, and indulged myself in building a few old sets. Ah, the nostalgia!

Today I got my geek on at Newcastle Brickfest. It was packed, and I had to fight off the kiddies to have a good look around.

Town Lego

Thieves on the bank roof about to get a mech surprise!

Can't make it to Blood Bowl tourney today...

Old West


Fairy tales


Haunted house

Star Wars was very popular

So many colours compared to when I was young...

Lego Simpson and his donkey

Not-quite-kosher Lego Anzac

Now, older, wiser, looking back- damn, Lego is a great toy. After thirty years it still works and still charms, with no rust and minimal breakage despite years of hard play. There's no scale creep. I can build what I want, how I want, without needing to upgrade a game console or a ruleset or software or replace complex moving parts or batteries. I don't need to paint it or glue it, it's ready to go out of the box, and can make changes as I go. Something today works with something thirty-five years old- how often can you say that?

It gave me true childlike joy to reassemble some of my old sets. They haven't been kept unopened in their original packaging, or built and displayed on a dust-free shelf, but have rather been assembled and played with and reassembled countless times.

Thanks, Lego!


  1. Oh how wonderful! I loved Lego as a lad and still find it totally absorbing now, wonderful post.

    1. Great stuff, very glad I hadn't sold it or passed it on etc.

  2. I started buying lego again around a year ago, it's fantastic stuff.

    1. Yes, I'll be treating myself to a few kits a year I suspect.

  3. I had a vast* Lego collection as a kid... I'm pretty sure "#928 Galaxy Explorer" was probably the best Christmas present I ever got. Alas being the first to leave the house, I lost it to my younger brother who still has it all now that we're adults. Fortunately, I've since put together an awesome new collection, that I'll be happy to pass on to my own kids once they're old enough!

    * at least it seemed vast at the time.

    1. That Galaxy Explorer is awesome, I wish it was mine... 'Classic space' is my favourite.

  4. Must admit the lad is still a big Lego fan, and just got the Helms Deep Set and Orthanc set for his Birthday yesterday...

    1. Lucky devil! I'm sure Dad doesn't mind helping him put it together...