Monday, 13 October 2014

The Battle of Five Armies

I've just finished painting Ares' new game in their War of the Ring line, The Battle of Five Armies. Here are my finished pictures- next, I'll be putting up some more posts on how I went about doing it.

The Battle of Five Armies- Painted figures

 The Free Peoples
Bard and the Lake-Men

Thranduil and Elven Spearmen and Archers

Thorin, Dáin, Dwarf Veterans and Regulars

Great Eagles

Bilbo, Thorin, Dáin, Bard, Beorn, Gandalf, Lord of the Eagles, Thranduil, Bolg
The Shadow
Bolg and the Orcs

Great Orcs



Great Bats

Action shots
Game at set-up

Game at set-up

Gandalf and Thranduil on Ravenhill

Bard an the Lake-Men await the onslaught

Gandalf and Bilbo defy the horde

Thranduil leads the Elves into combat

Dáin and the Dwarves hold the camp with a human ally

Beorn presses the enemy

Thorin stays in the Front Gate

Bard defends the Ruins of Dale

Wargs cross the River Running

Bolg urges his orcs to battle

Great Orcs advance

Great Bats accompany the swarm of orcs

Great Eagles muster in the Eyrie!

I've only played this once. I was the Shadow Player. I tried to take Dale but failed, but was able to capitalise on my opponent leaving some weakly defended strongpoints to take the Front Gate and win just before Beorn started to rip my armies apart.

The only in-game shot- about a third of the way through.
Coming next: how I got the miniatures ready for painting

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