Friday, 24 October 2014

Sails of Glory battle report

I got in a game of Sails of Glory recently (for my Sails of Glory review, see here). I took some pics, and have turned them into a narrative. Read on...

The ship-of-the-line hammered the frigates hard, but took some serious crew damage. It was surprisingly close at the end, with the Terpsichore barely holding together, and the Généreaux with only a skeleton crew. The French won out...

I was controlling the Cleopatra, and was swiftly dispatched from the game in a vicious boarding action.

What do you think of this AAR format? Was it easy to follow?

PS: We didn't play with the 'advanced' rules, just the 'standard'. We're playing on the 'official' SoG mat.


  1. Looks great and the report was very easy to follow. Quite interested int his little game...
    All the best,

  2. Brilliant format for an AAR. I've played a good number of games now and viewing your AAR really brought the game alive.

    1. I'd like to get a bit more experience- the advanced rules really make you work.

  3. Sounds a good battle, that. Very nice and easy to follow style for the AAR.

  4. Very good battlereport. :) I will start following your projects from now on.