Friday, 6 March 2015

Star Wars Imperial Assault- Mercenaries

The Imperial Assault Mercenary faction are the scum and villainy, the criminals and bounty hunters and alien creatures.

The Mercenaries in the Imperial Assault core game are the Trandoshan bounty hunters and the nexu. Nexus. Nexuses. Nexi? Anyway, they might be from the prequels but I'll let that slide because Natalie Portman in a catsuit. These were Army Painter Soft Tone wash over cream, with black wash stripes.

I can't bring myself to love Trandoshans, they look like cheap Dr Who or Trek baddies in rubber suits. They were a snap to paint, however, with an AP Strong Tone wash over a simple basecoat. I would like to paint a Bossk figure, though.
Trandoshan Hunters


  1. Good work on the Nexu/Nexuses/Nexi ! Impressive beasts/beasties/beastes !

  2. I'm liking those Trandoshans. The strong tone did a good job. Imperial Assault is currently winging its way from the UK to my door. I can't wait to open it up.

    1. Thanks, Natholeon, I hope you like it!

  3. Nice! Both figure sets are modeled very nicely. But, the Trandoshans are really nice sculpts, and you did them up proud.

  4. Fabulous brushwork on all of these!