Friday, 27 November 2015

Imperial Assault- Twin Shadows comic battle report

Twin Shadows is a 'mini campaign' for Imperial Assault. It is only four missions long (from a possible six, depending on who wins what). Your characters already start with improved skills, and improve further rapidly. I had a lot of fun both playing this and re-living it for the report, I hope you enjoy it! Needless to say, there are spoilers...

Cue the music! 

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I've played a larger IA campaign (see here) as the Empire, and got most of the way through a Descent campaign. I know that to win, you have to be efficient and objective focused. I think I did that well here, getting the codes early, ignoring Boba 'Blink and you miss him' Fett, and racing past the Imperials to victory!

I tried that again here, but still got swamped! I resuscitated Threepio and was able to open the doors, but just got overwhelmed. I gave Captain Somos a nasty shock by sniping him with Mak, and charging him with Biv, but he sensibly withdrew. A Stormtrooper with Combat Medic took away any chance I may have had. I think I still got his health down to 6/19.

I think it was this game where the Heavy Stormtroopers first had Assault Armor, and I realised that they were a significant force to be reckoned with. Their Blast ability made me leery of clustering together.

In Canyon Run, I again tried to focus on the goal of making it to the end in eight turns. Tight pressure from the Imperials meant I just couldn't do it without sustaining the casualties that brought me undone. If I was the Imperial player, I'd be looking forwards to getting a Bantha and rolling up the canyon!

I think that the Twin Shadows missions really showcase the abilities of the new heroes Biv Bodhrik and Saska Teft. Biv was an absolute tank, receiving intense fire and suffering very few wounds. I didn't take Saska, but her ability to buff the other heroes for attribute tests would have been so useful for all these missions.

Somehow, after the debacle in the canyons, I get aboard a Star Destroyer! And, like in the previous two missions, I tried to push forwards but just got swamped. Jyn and Mak got wounded early and the Empire concentrated on trying to take Biv down- but he's not an easy nut to crack! Neither, I note, are Elite Heavy Stormtroopers with Assault Armor and Combat Veteran abilities... I knew I was struggling, but broke away from the scrum and fired up the shuttle. However, the Empire just swamped the place and I just couldn't swat them fast enough...

In the epilogue, I find that I was able to prevent the Star Destroyer chasing Luke by disabling the hyperdrive, but that the Empire has broken our codes and that was the secret I was trying to uncover.

My Man of the Match was Biv Bodhrik. He was able to weather storms of blaster fire, buying time for his teammates to accomplish mission goals. My opponent used the Military Might class for his forces to good effect. My toughest opponents were the buffed-up Elite Heavy Stormtroopers. I think I could have taken Han Solo as an ally on these missions, but didn't realise. I don't know if it would have made much difference, but would like to try it. Also, as I mentioned above, Saska Teft would be good to try out. I struggled with masses of enemies, as I was lacking in significant area of effect weapons or close combat brutes who could take out several opponents at once. 
Biv Bodhrik

Saska Teft

I'm looking forwards to Return to Hoth, the next mega campaign! I'll write it up in a similar fashion, let me know if you like the approach or if there are too many Pews! Thanks for reading!

Comic created with Comic Life 3.


  1. Big fan of comic battle reports and use Comic Life 3 myself so I know how much effort went into it! Well worth it! Superb!

  2. Fun! I LOVE the comic style AAR - brilliant!

  3. Excellent work there. Loved the comic styling, and the games look a blast, too!

  4. fantastic work. a really fun read What program do you use? I have photoshop and thought you could add some blaster fire.

    looks like a lot of fun, if you need any blaster bolt help or effects let me know, would love to help

    1. That looks great, Mike! I'll certainly let you know when I do my next one. I use Comic Life 3.

    2. cool, you can contact me Via email.

      you can also check out my animation and illustration here.