Friday, 26 February 2016

Imperial Assault- Return to Hoth Rebels

I picked up Return to Hoth, the latest Imperial Assault expansion, at CanCon. Here are the rebel forces:

Verena Talos is a close-combat specialist, starring on the box cover. I enjoyed painting her hair and her coat.

Loku Kanoloa is a Mon Calamari sniper. Rather than the character art, I painted him in the same camouflage as the Endor Strike Team. He's got the same duster and gaiters, after all. I really enjoyed painting the head patterns, they help sell the figure.

MHD-19 is a medi-droid. I think he's seriously creepy. Check out some of the character art, the Imperial officer is terrified!
I can end your pain. Forever.

Echo Base Troopers. I like the effect on their goggles.

This was my first ever attempt at snow basing, and I've been scouring the internet for tips for several months prior. Here's my final recipe:
  • Builder's plaster to build up the groundwork
  • Paint pale blue-grey, then drybrush white
  • Paint the figure, then varnish
  • Concoction of Woodland Scenics' 'Realistic Water' and 'Soft-flake snow' and Secret Weapon 'Ground glass'
Finally, Leia. I like her attitude, and the contrasting pale tones.

All art FFG


  1. Absolutely stunning, I love these and now sorely tempted to pick up the game.

  2. Fantastic work. I especially like the Mon Calamari - great call on the Endor camo scheme (much better than the character art), & the flesh patterns are very effective. All your painting on these figures rocks though!

    1. Thanks, PC! I feel the Mon Cal character art was a little rushed. The figure is clearly wearing Endor clothing- I can't wait for a team of rebel commandos to come out.

  3. Barks - you've really outdone yourself. Verena, and the other heroes have a highly realistic, gritty feeling -- but best of all, you managed to my Leia really look like Leia. Her face has a charming softness to it.

    And thanks for sharing your formula for the snow. I'm going to try that! One question... what exactly is the "ground glass" -- actually broken glass that you ground yourself?

    1. Thanks, Matthew! I'm a huge fan of your own IA work.

      I contend that the face is the focal point of the miniature and it is worth spending a bit more time on. I was happy with Leia- a touch of lipstick and rouge helps sell her!

      I bought the crushed glass in a pot (at CanCon). There are a number of tutorials on the web on ways to use it.