Friday, 15 April 2016

Blood Bowl- miscellaneous figures

I've accumulated a small collection of miscellaneous Blood Bowl figures over the years.

Thrud the Barbarian

This is my interpretation of Thrud the Barbarian, a Star Player who sadly doesn't exist in the current rules edition. It is a conversion of a Hasslefree figure, which I picked up from Crusade in Cardiff in 2005! Hasslefree must have been about a year old as a company, and this figure has sat in my pile of shame for over a decade until I dusted it off for the Analogue Challenge 2016! Foolishly, I primed it on a humid day and it is a far from smooth basecoat. It doesn't show from a distance, and I was in a hurry, so I let it slide.
Guaranteed to score.

Zara the Slayer

I'm using this figure as Zara the Slayer. I can't recall for the life of me who made it. I believe there was an original variant sculpt wearing even less...

Team Wizard

Here's a team wizard, straight from Unseen University's wardrobe department! A cool figure from Impact! Miniatures, he's got the fireball and lightning bolt spells on his belt. Could do with a funkier staff, though.

To accompany him is Pete the frog, also from Impact.

Bloodweiser Babe

Here's a Bloodweiser Babe, also Impact.

I've already shown her Dwarf counterparts, but I think they belong here as well.


Here are two human referees. The first is an original GW figure c1991.
The second is from Shadowforge.

Sports Reporter

Finally, a goblin reporter, which was a variant from Impact. CCC was the Central Coast Corsairs, a club I was involved in about 10y ago which has gone the way of many gaming clubs.


  1. Those are some great minis!
    I love the Hasselfree Thrud. Although I don't know about his wandering hand. Get your head in the game, son!

    I've never paid much attention to Impact, but I'm going to have to check them out because I also really like that team wizard. I love the frog on his hat.

    Anyway, as always, you've got some gorgeous paint jobs on them. PLAY BALL!

    1. Impact is a great source for a variety of individual minis, recommended.

  2. Superb Barks, all great, but Thrud is a real stand out piece.

    1. Thanks, Michael! I had missed that he wasn't in the rules anymore- a true oversight by the rules writers!

  3. Super stuff mate. Love the Bloodweiser Babe!

  4. Fantastic Barks - I too love having the right collection of Star Players and sideline supporters. Bravo!

    1. You know the game has its hooks in you when your collection of sideline staff, turn counter figures, reroll figures etc. is bigger than your team!