Friday, 1 July 2016

Blood Bowl- Chaos Dwarves

A pause from Star Wars- I'm going to Eucalyptus Bowl this weekend, and I'm taking The Thumper Lumpers- Chaos Dwarves from Willy Miniatures.
Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarves- Willy Miniatures
I hadn't found Chaos Dwarf miniatures I liked until the Willy ones came out. I've still got a few extra players to paint up, but have run out of time before the tourney kicks off.
Chaos Dwarf Blockers

Claw mutation

'Kickstarter exclusive' female Chaos Dwarf

Bull Centaurs- anatomically accurate!

Hobgoblin Slaves

Hobgoblin Star Player- Rashnak Backstabber

Rashnak Backstabber- rear view

I found the purple harder to highlight than I anticipated, and it is a little outshone by all the gold. I highlighted the black (e.g. on the Bull Centaurs) with dark blue-grey. I rushed a few of the close ups, sorry about the blurry shots!


  1. I really like the colour scheme that you have gone with, & the highlighting on the purple & the gold is excellent - it really brings these great sculpts to life. A brilliant-looking team!

  2. Lovely stuff. I like the colour scheme too.I also have a chaos dwarves team to paint so I may well pinch some ideas.