Friday, 15 July 2016

Newcastle Brickfest 2016

Last weekend was Newcastle Brickfest. I went to the first one in 2014, and pictures can be seen here. This was at the same location, but had been spread over two days, with ticketed entrance times and a resulting decrease in crowd crush. There was a variety of Lego on display, as well as a few members of the 501st Legion, Southern Cross Garrison.

Large Angry Unikitty

Classic Space- still my favourite.

Let it snow!

Who ya gonna call?


Dragons vs vikings

Cherry blossom tree

A local school

There were some cool X-Files vignettes:

Star Wars was again popular:

I really liked these Alice in Wonderland vignettes:

The Lego Group doesn't make military themed bits, but there are after-market weapons and helmets available to make dioramas like this one, or the war memorial in the town above:

It's a fun day, and proceeds go to a good cause. Yay, Lego!


  1. There is something that I still find hugely appealing about Lego, loved the X-Files vignettes.

    1. It's a great toy. There was a lot of hidden detail in the X-Files scenes.

  2. Did one of these out here a few years back - they're fun!

  3. I'm with you: Space Lego has always been the best!
    But that Alice in Wonderland Lego... that's now a close contender.

  4. Looks like a blast! Love the X-Files stuff.

    1. It was cool! Their builder said I was the first to recognise the three gunmen. Nerd points!