Friday, 18 November 2016

Blood Bowl- Ogres

Another blast from the past. This is my Ogre team, Snot Unusual. I won the 2008 Eucalyptus Bowl Stunty Cup with these guys.
Blood Bowl Ogre team, Snot Unusual

The Ogres are from Heresy, but I'm not sure if Andy sells them any more. They're on 40mm bases, and each required multiple pins- each is seven parts plus the base! If I ever run out of things to,do, I would rebase these on 30-32mm bases.

I got the Snotlings from Impact!, and they're on 20mm bases. In hindsight, I think it would have been cool to have two or more figures on a 25mm base!


This team was where I started to veer away from the Warhammer-esque fantasy aspect, and played up the American Football aesthetic with helmets, shoulderpads, big numbers, padded leggings etc. Still a healthy amount of spikez, though.


  1. Replies
    1. I agonize over some teams trying to come up with a good pun!

  2. Another great entry from your collection Barks!

  3. Wow - you are rocking Blood Bowl to the foundations!
    I love the way those ogres are running -- it adds so much movement and drama to the team. Nice work (as always) on the little extras too -- like those cheerleaders. Nasty.

    1. Thanks, Matt, it's been a big month for BB.

  4. Good sir ... can you let me know if I can use a couple images from your blog with full credit back to you when I show them? If you could message me on Facebook or at and let me know ... greatly appreciated.