Friday, 25 November 2016

Happy 5th blogday!

Has it really been five years?

Yes. Yes it has. And I still haven't followed up on some of the promises I made in my early posts... Someday I'll do a Part 2 for the Rohirrim!

I use blogday for an annual retrospective, which is deliciously indulgent, rambling, long, and picture-heavy. Last year I found a theme in the colour red- this year, the colour purple.

Genestealer Cult

Old school patriarch

Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarves, the Thumper Lumpers

Blood Bowl Chaos Pact Ogre

Imperial Assault- Murne Rin

Imperial Assault- Rodian Hired Guns

Mansions of Madness
To complete my theme colour, I wanted to get some more figures painted for BattleLore, but ran out of mojo (hence the recent run of retrospective posts rather than new stuff). Here's a teaser for upcoming toys:

BattleLore undead

This year, I've been able to get a bit of gaming in- in particular, I've been flexing my Battle Cry setup, which has been fun. A fair bit of Blood Bowl as well, with three tournaments and a mini league. I played a few games of Forbidden Stars as well, which were fun- it's a shame the game won't get any expansions after the FFG/ GW conscious uncoupling. Most of my gaming has been of the boardgame or "hybrid game" variety, many with figures painted by my amigo Glockta.

Forbidden Stars

Blood Rage

Fury of Dracula


Battle Cry

Zombicide- Black Plague
The Wild Flings got a lot of love from the fans, but not so much from their opponents...

Wild Flings- Blood Bowl Halflings

I really liked painting PSC's 15mm WW1 figures. I've got a few of their tanks lined up in my painting queue.

My game of the year was Pandemic Legacy. I thought this may have been overhyped, but this cooperative boardgame campaign provided me with hours of enjoyment. I can't recommend this enough, and I'm eagerly awaiting Season 2.

Earlier this year, I enjoyed playing Imperial Assault and then turning it into comics with the assistance of Mike Glasswell. This has been an unfinished symphony, but there will be more!

This week saw the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge VII announced, and I have thrown my hat in the ring. I participated for the first time last year, and it was such a fun, friendly, supporting environment I have been looking forwards to it all year. And I got so much painted! I'm grimly contemplating all the prep I have to do in the next few weeks...
My AHPC VI output!
What's coming up for WwB? I'll be clearing the decks before AHPC VII, then that should power me into 2017. I'm trying to get to CanCon in January, hopefully we can have a bloggers meet-up like last time. I'm hoping that the Blood Bowl re-release is a good thing. I'm looking forwards to getting a rancor for Imperial Assault. There are a few Kickstarters brewing... so there's more than enough to keep me out of trouble!

As ever, it is your comments that provide extra fuel to this blog, so thank you all for reading and participating!


  1. Some fantastic projects completed this year Barks. Your painting just keeps getting better!

  2. Happy fifth Blogday and what a year you have had. Always inspirational, but if I had to pick a favourite it would be your Star Wars posts.

    1. Cheers, Michael. I really enjoyed making the SW posts, but unfortunately I have yet to complete the campaign!

  3. Congratulations on hitting the five year milestone. A great blog, always a pleasure to read.

  4. Congratulations. Superb blog especially your comic batreps! Coincidentally I have just hit the 2 year mark on my blog...a while to go until I'm celebrating 5!

    1. Congratulations yourself! The time flies by.

  5. Happy Blogday mate! There's definite plans afoot for a blogger's catch up at CANCON so stay tuned.

  6. congratulations!
    You had a great and purple year.
    see you in the next ¿yellow? season.

  7. A cracker year indeed - happy Blogday mate!
    And yes, stay turned for the details of the CANCON Bloggers meet up!

    1. Cheers, Paul, will do my best to wrangle time off work.

  8. Happy Blogday! Some excellent work, particularly the Imperial Assault minis!

    1. Thanks, Peter, I hope to get more IA gaming in this year!

  9. Happy 5th!
    Looking at this retrospective, I really am struck by how lovely your painting is. That Bob Olley Genestealer Patriarch is incredible. As are your Imperial Assault figures. Murne is just gorgeous.

    By the way, you also have great taste in games (or at least taste most similar to mine!). I love Blood Rage and Fury of Dracula.

    1. Thanks, Matt, that's very kind. I wasn't fully sold on Blood Rage, but would like to get more Dracula played!

  10. Congratulations. Your IP painting has really inspired me. I am strongly considering picking up a copy.

    1. "IA" as in Imperial Assault, not IP.

    2. It is great fun, I hope you have a good time with it too!