Friday, 30 December 2016

Blood Bowl Norse

Hasn't it been great to see a resurgence of interest in Blood Bowl recently!

I'm very happy with my Icelander team from Roll Jordan. The Pillage People are painted with more than a nod to the blue-grey and yellow Space Wolf palette.
Blood Bowl Norse- The Pillage People

I wanted a slushy, snow and mud base for them. I drybrushed a bit of white over brown painted sand, then I added a paste of Woodland Scenics' 'Realistic Water' and 'Soft-flake snow' and Secret Weapon's 'Ground glass' for extra sparkles.

The Snow Troll has a great face. He's huge, on a 40mm base.
Blood Bowl Snow Troll

The Ulfwereners also have good monstrous anatomy. I based them on 30mm bases. (NB for a more historical bent, check out my SAGA Úlfhéðnar).
Blood Bowl Ulfwereners

The Berserkers are my favourite sculpts, absolutely ripped torsos with a great helmet.
Blood Bowl Berserkers

One of these runners reminds me of Paul from the Man Cave... The other one is a bit like Smurfette... Norsette?
Blood Bowl Norse Runners

The throwers have great expressions.
Blood Bowl Norse Throwers

I really like the lineman with the eyepatch enjoying a frosty one.
Blood Bowl Norse Linemen

Blood Bowl Norse Linemen

The team also came with a turn counter which I added to a 25mm base, painted in team colours and added snow.
Turn counter

This team took up valuable AHPC time! They came with a few extra markers which I will be doing for the challenge. Next week, I may have my first AHPC entry.

Happy New Year!


  1. Absolutely smashing Barks! This may be my fav of all you dozens of teams so far. Shame you couldn't sneak them into the Challenge somehow...

    1. Thanks, Millsy! I thought I'd have finished them ages ago, but life interrupted...

  2. Brilliant! I love the Norse as a team and Reilly played it in his first ever CanCon so lots of good memories. Bi of a glass cannon though so dint get attached to any of your layers (unless they look like a certain Man Cave denizen, then protect him at all costs! :-) Of course my abs look way better than that fellow!)

    1. I will of course be taking them to CanCon, never played with them before!

      Clearly a distant relative who has let himself go a bit.

  3. Awesome! Great models, really full of character. Your paint job has certainly done them justice. I love these.

    1. Edit. I just went and checked out the web page and I like your paint job much better than the stock job. Nice Work.

    2. Thanks very much, Aaron, that warms the cockles!