Friday, 22 September 2017

Deathwatch Overkill- finished

So, here they all are at last! Killteam Cassius with their 84 Skullz, looking forwards to negotiating a mutually beneficial solution with the xenos.
Deathwatch Killteam Cassius

Here's their chums, the peace loving Genestealer Cult- more pics via the link.

I've played a few games (as the Cult)- it's not the deepest game, but it is quick. Here are some pics:

In the spirit of the age, here are the participation awards:

Most Skullz (12) (also, best garter): Ultramarine

Best pose: Space Wolf

Best hair: Blood Angel (close competition for this award)

Most dakka: Imperial Fist

Best helmet: Raven Guard

Best chapter icon: Blood Raven

Best chin: Dark Angel

Best shopping lists: Chaplain

Best prostheses: Iron Hand

Best facial hair: White Scar

Most burn: Salamander

Honourable mentions to the Servo Skull and Teleport Homer.

Final thoughts:

The models are technically gorgeous, with crisp multipart sculpts and minimal mould lines cleverly hidden. I'm quite taken with the new 32mm bases. I refined my technique for painting black. I saw the benefits of drilling out muzzles.

But they are aesthetically frustrating, with the iconic black armour hidden behind a spectrum of bright colour splashes. I tried to minimise the colours with some success, but not a huge amount. I gave up and just went with it a bit more on the later paintjobs. There is so much extra detail on each one, the group literally took me months. And, well, they just emphasise the grimdaft silliness of the 41st millennium. These sucked up an awful lot of my hobby time this year.

Also, the character art for the board game is a bit crap. They look like pouty tossers.

Pouty tossers.

And that's it for the Deathwatch on this blog!


  1. That is all kinds of awesome mate!

    1. Thanks, Millsy- glad to get this albatross from my neck!

  2. Excellent work to keep going with these, some very nice paintjobs. And you're right about the silliness, it's been turned up to 11 as they are pretty much caricatures of each chapter.

    1. Thanks, Jamie- once you embrace the silly it becomes more enjoyable.

  3. Superb stuff- nice to follow the builds and nice to see it all together.



    1. It has been a bit of a grind. Now I'm looking at my 2014 Space Hulk box...

  4. Yeah that artwork is atrocious. Your painting looks outstanding.

  5. Great work mate!!!! The pack-astartes is awesome.
    The game is not bad and letal, the lesson was not lost on cultist!

  6. Brilliant work - a collection to be proud of with painting this good!

    1. I don't think they'll see the gaming table as much as they saw the painting table...

  7. Fantastic stuff Bark - what a great project this has been to watch evolve. Well done mate!

    1. Thanks, Paul, it has been good to get this done. I am eyeing off Space Hulk...