Friday, 8 June 2018

Conan: Infernal Pursuit (Parts I and II)

Part I

Conan and Shevatas  have persuaded some of the pirates they are travelling with to mutiny, and take over their current ship. If they can fight off their loyal crewmates they can use this ship to catch up to bigger prey...

Conan and Shevatas prepare to fight their way along the deck

The Captain (orange) realises he must stop Conan from taking over his vessel. [Conan's pirates are red.]

Conan delivers the killing blow after Shevatas wounds the captain with a crossbow bolt. The ship is theirs!

Part II

Conan and Shevatas must defend the ballistas to destroy their prey. The pirates literally swing into action!

Good pirates, bad pirates, and Conan! Crom!

Conan and Shevatas fight off the other crew. Victory!
Another fun game of Conan, this time with three players (I was Shevatas again) and in two parts. It seemed a little easier than the last, or maybe we're grasping the strategies a bit better. Shevatas with a crossbow is a nasty man. The pirate captain had some rotten luck with several crew failing to swing onto Conan's ship and ending up in a shark...


  1. It does look like a lot of fun, I really must investigate mine a little more.

    1. Thanks, Michael, it is a fun combat system!

  2. Sounds fun and looks cool Barks