Friday, 15 June 2018

Necromunda- first game

I played the intro scenario of the new Necromunda with my new walls (and unpainted figures- sob). It was a small clash on 2x2' board with six figures per side. We just ran Escher and Goliaths. Victory is achieved by forcing the other gang to flee. It was a chance to wrap our heads around the combat mechanics, ammo rolls, activations, wounds, morale, etc.

Gangs on opposite baselines

Shootout behind obstacles. The chem-thrower ignores cover...

My Champion lobs a choke grenade through the doorway

Goliaths go down in the crossfire.
An Escher victory, 7:1. I had some great dice rolls. It took a couple of hours since we had to look up every rule. It has been ages since I used a measuring tape for gaming...

It's got decent mechanics- not perfect- and the miniatures are really nice. The company's business model of selling extra rules is shady and means you get all the rules all over the place. I did pick this up dirt cheap, but I don't have a big enough gaming group to really get the most out of it. The campaign is where Necromunda shows its stuff.

I'm very happy with the corridor fighting as opposed to the traditional catwalks and walkways. It is a more claustrophobic game and the short ranged weapons actually get a look-in.


  1. Oh, mi amado necromunda!!!!
    Truth. Necromunda is fun and deathly in the underhive but it's a great game for link-scenarios.
    At Summer we will try yo play a campaign.

    1. I look forward to hearing about it!

  2. They look just the job, I just following your link, I might have a look at picking up some of these.

    1. Awesome! I plan to get some more for bigger games, and convert some for ducts and ruined bits.

  3. Looks ace! Where did you get/how did you make the walls please?

    1. They're an MDF kit I bought: copy and paste this link for more: