Friday, 24 July 2020

Blood Bowl Orcs

The Green Streaks

I finally finished my Blood Bowl Orc team, The Green Streaks. These were meant to be done for Eucalyptus Bowl in April, but that got canned due to COVID-19. I really struggled with these due to the multiple stages. The shoulder armour trim, for example, is dark grey then white then dark grey then metallic. Repeat times a million...

The figures are resin, from RN Estudio.

Orc Blitzers are some of the best players in the game. Unfortunately, they've all been sculpted with the same face.

Blood Bowl Orc Blitzers

The Black Orc Blockers are on 30mm bases.

Blood Bowl Black Orc Blockers

I like both these throwers, and can't decide which I prefer. Maybe the mad scientist goggles, by a whisker.

Blood Bowl Orc Throwers

I don't mind the orcs with hair.

Blood Bowl Line Orcs

As a rule, I don't add blood to weapons- these are the exceptions, using Army Painter Glistening Blood Effect.

Blood Bowl Orc Star Players

I've filled out the team with some cheerleaders from Shadowforge, and some squigs.

Blood Bowl Orc Cheer Skwad. Hubba hubba!

I think squigs are a great GW invention. Three are from GW, and the helmeted one is from Goblin Guild. I plan to use these as game markers and tokens.

Blood Bowl Squigs

I'm very glad that these are finished now.


  1. Lovely mate, you have done a grand job on those.

    I do like Orcs for bloodbowl, mine are all old fist editions, that possibly need a touch up paint job now, and some updated figures.

    I seen that it is getting very cold in New England, my old home town of Glen Innes (pinkett) had a good fall of snow and serious below zero temperature.


    1. Cheers, Matt. I’ve played Orcs about the same number of times as the overnight temperatures in New England!

  2. These look superb Barks, really well done. Must be quite a sense of achievement getting the team on to the pitch.

    1. I’ll have to get back to you on what it feels like to play a game with them!

  3. Great work, Barks, a very characterful team with a really vivid colour scheme.

    1. Cheers, PC- I find, with greenskins, you have to include green in your colour scheme planning.

  4. Those look great, takes me right back to when I was a spotty youth and my Vampire Counts team :-)
    Great job.