Friday, 23 August 2013

Blood Bowl Nurgle team

I'm off to a Blood Bowl tourney, and am taking my new Nurgle team, Necrotic Corps.

It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you plague the game.

For my Pestigors, I used Warhammer Beastmen with weapon snips, some bitz box finds, and some green-stuffed pustules. Yummo! Finally, some Impact! shoulder pads for that BB look.

Years ago, I made and painted these old plastic Chaos Warriors with some zombie bits. I tarted them up to more closely match my new Pestigors.

Then I had to redo my existing zombies' skin to match. I think this was worthwhile helping tie the team together, since the different figures don't really have much linking them as a coherent team besides their paintscheme.

I’m using my Mansions of Madness Chthonian as the Beast of Nurgle. I did up the base to match the rest of the team. I’m yet to find a suitable miniature that really fits my conception of this essential team member- (but I do like the qu-sh-ug (by Pure Evil), but it's too big and pricey (50mm base, £29 incl. postage)!).

Nurglings are my reroll counters. The team coach is my trusty West Wind mad doctor.

I’ve never played a game with these guys and am keen to see how they perform. I tend to play a better defensive than offensive game, and I understand that Nurgle are excellent in defence. Offence may leave something to be desired…

If I ever ran Nurgle as a league team, I'd enjoy making a few extra mutants.