Saturday, 19 April 2014

Battlelore- Daqan Lords

Daqan Lords
The Daqan Lords are the generic human good guys in BattleLore. I wanted to emphasize strong blues with yellow accents and clean whites. A simple stripe adds a touch of class.

The Citadel Guard are pretty straightforward.
Citadel Guard

The Yeoman Archers can fire twice if they don't move, and they have two quivers- cause or effect? They also point their fingers where they want their arrows to go.
Yeoman Archers

The Riverwatch Riders' horses are different colours only because I couldn't remember how I did my practice horse! I tried a few different combos, but couldn't match the first shade and didn't go back to correct things.
Riverwatch Riders

The Rune Golems were the easiest to paint with successive drybrushings. Unfortunately, this shows up where I was too lazy to deflash the head.
Rune Golems

The Roc Warrior- Caw, Caw!
Roc Warrior

The Blue Bird of Awesomeness

I really want to emphasize the colours of the different factions- so much so that I re-did the Roc because it needed to be more blue. I'm still not too happy with the wings, they need more care and attention for a centerpiece figure. I had a look on Google for blue falcons* for further inspiration. By chance, I saw a book cover with a big bird style I borrowed.
Roc Mk I- I painted over this because it was messy and not blue enough

A blue falcon- this is the look I want.
This is similar!
*and learned some interesting US military slang.


  1. These are great looking figures as well especially Roc Warrior and Rune Golems. Nice one!

  2. Sorry to necro this thread, but these look great! I just picked up Battlelore 2nd Ed. (late to the party, I know) and it's inspired me to pick up painting miniatures as a hobby. I really like your faction differentiation through colour, and it's given me a number of ideas as to what to do with mine.