Friday, 24 February 2017

Plastic Soldier Company Great War Tanks

This collection of tanks are from PSC for their Great War game. They are single piece precoloured 1:100 models, and are very cleanly sculpted and casted. I highly recommend them.

The Mark IV comes in Male and Female varieties, with and without a pair of 6 Pdrs respectively.
Mark IVs

Mark IV Males

Mark IV Females

The British also get a Whippet.

To make up for the scarcity of their A7V panzers (see last week's post), the Germans salvaged British Mark IVs and repainted them as Beutepanzers.
Mark IV Beutepanzers

These are all great sculpts and a pleasure to paint. I really like the asymmetry and oddball appearances of these early beasts, and I hope that PSC does a French range at some stage.
All the PSC WW1 tanks
I used Vallejo Dark Earth paste, drybrushed with US Tan, for the mud.

These were painted for AHPC VII.


  1. Excellent vehicles! Good work on them!
    I have them from the actual board games but mine are still in 'factory' colours...
    Your last pictures shows the only issue I have with these PSC WW I tanks the A7V is underscale the Mk IVs are virtually spot on :-(

    1. That's a shame, Darling, I didn't realise there was a size discrepancy.

  2. I love this project. I find WW1 tanks to be just mesmerizing in their beauty (Mark IV's) and ugliness (A7Vs).
    The mud/weathering looks great. You're doing marvelous work at this scale.

    1. Thanks, Matthew, I don't like vehicles as a rule but these were quite fun.