Friday, 12 January 2018

Imperial Assault- Heart of the Empire Imperials

Heart of the Empire is the latest expansion for Imperial Assault. Here are the Imperial forces from that release, starting with the reason for it all:
Emperor Palpatine
Finally, a chance to use the Royal Guard!

Next, some Riot Troopers. I really like these figures, although I'm unaware of any canonical source. I've neatened up the bases since this picture was taken.
Riot Troopers
The next figures are Sentry Droids from the Rebels series. They're a little prone to twisting at the waist, but a simple paint job serves well.
Sentry Droids
The All Terrain Defence Pod (AT-DP) is a bit of a crowd pleaser, standing even taller than my AT-ST!

Finally, not Empire, but some mercenary scum of the shapeshifting Clawdite variety. They're based on the forgettable Episode II bounty hunter Zam Wesell. I wasn't really enthused by these figures so they got a quick paintjob only.
Clawdite Shapeshifters

Don't be fooled- she's an alien shapeshifter!
Next week: Rebel heroes!


  1. Excellent work on them all love the shapeshifters. I can only think the riot troopers are an add on from Force Awakens with the bigger variety in troop types now being seen.

    1. Thanks, Simon! I’d love to see some scout troopers, but other specialists would be cool as well.

  2. Lovely work. I really enjoy the way you paint Stormtroopers (like those Riot Troopers) -- it's very dramatic.

    I am so on the fence about this latest expansion. I still haven't bought it. It drives me a little crazy that they are producing miniatures for non-canonical or peripheral characters, while there is so much from the original trilogy (not to mention the recent movies) that are untouched.

    It also bugs me that many of these sculpts seem half-hearted. The Emperor looks like he's getting ready for a tickle-fight. The Riot Troopers are carrying shield with vents because... reasons?

    1. Thanks, Matt- my Stormtrooper technique is colouring between the lines for grown ups!

      I hear where you’re coming from- at a minimum, we haven’t got all the canon bounty hunters yet, not to mention scout troopers and ewoks. I don’t know if they will go into episode VII+, and don’t think they will. I’m strongly against anything blatant from the prequels, and they do push the line every now and then. I would like to see stuff from Rogue One and more from Rebels.

      I don’t mind the emperor- if you’re keen, you could add some wire lightning so he can give force tickles! The shields- well, rule of cool could be applied.

      For the best things about this wave- tune in next week!

  3. Fantastic! I can almost see lightning bolts shooting out of the Emperor's hands :)
    *ha! just read your reply to Matt*
    Your colors on Zam are brilliant!