Tuesday, 24 April 2012

WotR Day 12- Dwarves AND Fellowship!

I was enthusiastic today- I got into the dwarves, which were fairly straightforwards to paint. No horses, for one. Hussar Blue, Lighthorse Brown hair, and Khaki bases are the main differences from the other units. Thinned Walnut dip.
Dwarf Elite
Dwarf Regular
Only the Fellowship to go- I'm getting sick of this project and would like to turn my attentions elsewhere, so I just got into these guys. I painted them a tad lighter than usual, but also with a degree of neatness and minor shading I haven't given to the rank and file. I have given them a dip- after the last few days I'm more confident it's not going to ruin them. Pre-dip photos:
Tomorrow I'm going to paint the base edges, matt varnish, and flock. Then that's it!

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