Thursday, 19 April 2012

WotR Day 7- Isengard and more!

7 days? Feels like more...

First- a picture of yesterday's efforts:

Mumaks and trolls
Had a good day today- I got going with the Isengard force. They're simpler to paint (especially the six Wargs) and I knocked them off quicker than I expected.

The Warg is painted in Militia Brown, with the rider in GI Green and sword in Gunmetal. Dark Chocolate dip, and teeth and eyes picked out with Unbleached Cloth and Roman Red respectively.

Warg Rider
The Uruk's skin is Light Chestnut. Gunmetal to the armour, and the shield and loincloth in my dark grey and the white hand in, well, White. The base was speckled in Battleship Grey. I forgot to paint the hand on the trial mini, and went back after I had Chocolate dipped it.

Pleased by this effort, I got carried away and pushed onto Saruman. I painted him up quickly (without dipping) from Boer Brown through Khaki to Unbleached Cloth. I gave him a gloss varnish.

Still on a painting high, I got all eight wraiths, Witch King and the Mouth of Sauron done as well!

The wraiths were a real pain. These are the new sculpts (old ones were top-heavy, I believe). The wraiths are perching on a rock. There's a lot of grey here... I did a trial version with a lighter fell beast and a dark grey wraith and Dark Chocolate dip, but it didn't look right. So I painted over it: the rock is Khaki, the Fell Beast is my dark grey mix with Battleship Grey wings and Unbleached Cloth claws. The Wraith is Black, with Gunmetal. I used the Walnut dip. These will definitely look better after a dullcote. I'll see whether or not I need to highlight bits of the wraith's robe. I also mean to paint the Eye of Sauron on the Fell Beasts' eye-coverings.

Wraith with Walnut dip
All the wraiths
 At this point I only needed to do the Witch King and Mouth of Sauron to finish all the Shadow forces! Again, I wimped out of dipping them, but sloshed on a flat black. The horse got some highlights in Paynes Grey, a dark grey-blue I love for highlighting black horses. The armour was painted in Gunmetal with a pinch of black, and the cloaks etc were highlighted with my dark grey. The minis were then gloss coated. Still need to work on my photography, sorry...

Witch King
Mouth of Sauron
So now I've finished all the Shadow forces! Five factions and the Fellowship to go. On the one hand, I'll wimp out of dipping the Fellowship, but I've got increased confidence in the Walnut dip which will be making more an outing now. Expect lots of brown horses.

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